Tuesday, March 04, 2008


So it's maintenance day. Last night hubby got home late. We only had time to log in and gather mats to get him to 200 in Jewelcrafting. And then we both made our Jade Owl trinket. That will help with the mana issue a bit. As it is with Life Tap, we rarely have to stop when fighting lots of mobs, we can just go and go and go, it's quite nice. Life tap, drain life, wand, VW does all the work with a few dots. Lock is pretty easy.

With realms being down I will find other things to do. I think I've done enough research on the upcoming patch for now(though yesterday I found some info that there are some new tabards coming for Summer >World of Raids.com< and I am hoping they are somewhat easy to get because I love tabards! This is the Horde version: Tabard of Summer Flames
But that looks like it won't be out until the Summer fest which is late June-July I think. Lots of time to find out.

So today I will play Lord of the Rings Online. I have a level 15 Hobbit Hunter. It's fun. It's not WoW, but it's a nice distraction. And QUIET! No PvP, no Barrens chat, no jerks with names like "Ipwndu". Nice. Very nice! So I am off to Middle Earth...=)

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