Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lower City rep

So this Tuesday is probably the new patch, 2.4. And there will be some easy new gear to buy and new dailies to do. some of the new gear comes from Honored with Thrallmar and Cenarion. Those were easy enough. One comes from Lower City-I only have 2 of my 5 at honored right now. The other 2 are Shat'ar and Keepers of Time and I have no honored with them, as the only way to get honored is to run instances, screw that.

So I need to get my other 3 to honored with Lower City. Eremit, Tohopka and Wormtongue. Today we will do the Fumping quests(which we skipped because after the first time it SUCKED!); the Vengeful Harbinger quest-because it used to be broken, we might as well go back and do it now that it works; and the Mini-Wing escort for those who have not done it. Then it will be time to farm Arrakoa feathers until we get my 3, hubby's 4 and kiddo's one to Honored. Fun.

At least there is a way to GET Honored with them that does NOT involve instances. No chance on Shat'ar and Keepers of Time. That means the other 2 pieces of the set will not be gotten by me. Sure, some may say that it IS a starter-PvP set and what do I need that for if I don't PvP? Well actually some of these pieces are just flat out better stats than the crap quest or AH gear that I am currently wearing. And while I **really** don't give a crap about having better gear, marginally better gear always helps when it comes to just farming motes or finishing regular quests or doing a few dailies. Can't complain when it is basically handed to you as well.

And of course all this will be moot again when Wrath of the Lich King hits. Heh. And on and on we go.

I hate this game.

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