Tuesday, November 21, 2006


That's right. I am now Revered with Darnassus. At level 42. I know it is a long row to hoe to get to exalted, but with Mageweave and then Runecloth turn-ins still to do, just starting Feathermoon Stronghold quests, and then the Morrowgrain repeatable at level 50, it shouldn't be too hard. Looking forward to it! I can't wait to ride a Kitty around! Although I do love my Pinto. =)

Realms down, Tuesday. Well, actually not all-I've been messing around on Kael'Thas this morning as it didn't go down. Echo Isles did though. So I got Taphophilia to 43. Equipped that Epic gun with the +14 agility. Only there for the stats, as I rarely use pulling unless I have too. And it's neat to have an epic on. =)

Dane is 42. Gotten his alchemy up to 225. Herbalism at 235. Fishing is at about 250. Finally took up cooking and am up to 220. I got the Lucky Fishing Hat in the fishing contest last week. And got another one this past Sunday. I don't need another hat-I need the boots! And to win would be nice. Need to go get the Big Iron Fishing Pole in Desolace as well. And up to 75gold. Getting some good stuff from fishing the floating debris. Got almost 5g from a mace out of a trunk I fished up. Not too shabby!

I've gotten Tohopka to 50. I kinda want to play her, I really do. Even if JUST to get to the yeti quests in Winterspring to be able to make a Yeti pet! That should be incentive enough. Just have so many other things to do. And hubby has taken his Shaman on up, he is 54 now. It'll just be another toon to sit and do a job eventually though. Need mining things? Take Kick out farming. Need Herbs or potions? Go get Wormy. Need an engineering thing-call Tohopka. Working on getting Taph to 45 so she can open all lockboxes and then I will pretty much be set there. And when Burning Crusade comes out, she becomes the Jewelcrafter. Pretty cool I guess. Just me being self-sufficient so I can play alone, essentially. I might someday work on my lower toons on KT-the lvl 18 priest, lvl21 warlock, lvl 12 warrior-but they are basically just bank alts for the time being. I just can't get into playing any of them at all. It would be cool to get the Lock to 40, just to have the coolest mount(and probably buy a wolf as well, just cos I always wanted a wolf mount-thats why Kick got exalted with AV, for the wolf!).

And now downloading the patch(well pre-patch). The last patch before expansion(in January!). Honor system changing. I can change that stupid title over my head(or hopefully get rid of it altogether!). Redoing talents-Dane is going frost I think(although fire is fun, hehe!). Who knows on the others. Still cannot decide-I'd better figure it out soon!

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