Monday, February 25, 2008

Still playing

But I honestly hate this game now.

So yeah, it's been awhile because frankly I forgot all about this blog.

So a short bit to bring it up to date, and then I think I will turn this into a daily gripe about how much I hate this game but keep playing anyway.

"Burning Crusade" came out January of 2007. I started 3 Blood Elves. My Tauren Druid was first to 70. Hubby, kiddo and I got our BE Rogue(mine), BE Pally(hubby) and UD Mage(kiddo) to 70 next. Then my UD Mage and hubby's Tauren Shaman got to 70. Then my BE Paladin and hubby's UD Priest got to 70. And finally my Tauren Shaman and hubby's Tauren Hunter got to 70. And my BE Hunter is level 64. Oh and the Human mage I went on and on about finally got his cat mount around level 50, is now level 62 and I transferred him to Kael'Thas and his name is now Daneck.

Hubby and I have recently started UD Warlocks, up to level 37 now.

My Tauren Druid has her epic flyer, and a Netherdrake and Netheray flyers.

And I still despise PvP and instances. More about that later. See you tomorrow

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