Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Brand New Start

So things were getting stale. Boring even. I even stopped playing for a few weeks. (shock!) And then it happened. They opened some new realms. And I thought, "wouldn't it be nice to be among the first to 60, rather than dragging around gawking at all those who established the server sitting around Org in their epics." And I wanted it to be different. So I started a Human Mage. If I had reeeeeeally thought it out, I would have started Warlock. Free mount. Things just don't sell on a brand new server the way I am used to. It is frustrating. At level 37 now, I have 57 gold. I need at least 30-35 more gold in the next 3 levels. How I am gonna do it, I have no idea. I skin-but it sells for next to nothing, if at all(I've vendored so much its just sad). I pick herbs, but low level herbs dont sell for squat so I send them to my level 10 alchemist alt to make me some potions(and a few that sell, well somewhat ok on the AH-nothing major yet though). I'd ditch the herb to take up mining, but there is so much copper, etc on the AH at rock bottom prices right now, its just sick. Noone can afford enchants, so why even bother wth that one. I made another alt to send cloth to to be a tailor, and so far that's going ok, but they aren't making high enough stuff yet to sell in the AH. Fishing-yeah, so far the wreckage is only getting me more leather and cloth. The fishies just don't sell yet for enough to make it worthwhile. And I can't get to the Stonescale eels yet. Working on it. FINALLY found my first blue item today, but it's only a lvl 20ish belt that will go for maybe 3g, if I'm lucky. I just haven't found the niche yet. I need to check the AH more to see what the prices are. One day thick leather I get 1g for 10, a few days later 10 goes for about 45s. Ugh. I may hold him out for a few days(weeks?) to see if the war effort gets started-then the money should roll in!

Good news, after only 4 WSG games, he made 78% into Corporal! I was shocked. If I can get him to Sgt, that would be another 10% discount on the mount, training, etc. Would really help and apparently there aren't many people on our server pvping yet, so a little goes a long way! At least I got my cool tabard and trinket. Sweet!

Another thing about Dane(yes, named for Dane Cook-my latest crush!). Humans get an extra 10% or so for reputation. So, I took him to do alot of Nelf quests early on. So he hit Honored with Darnassus before Stormwind. And while he is close to Revered with SW now, he isn't far behind with Darn thanks to the cloth turn-ins. Yes, I am hoping when he gets to 60 I can get him a Swift Mistsaber. =) Now, wouldn't it be easier to get my lvl 40 Nelf hunter to 60, transfer money slowly but surely from my horde toons who are rolling in it to her and let HER get a Swift Mistsaber???? Well, uh, yeah probably. I never really though about it that way. BUT, the thing that gets in the way is that she is still stuck over on my hubby's account, from when we first started, and I would never really get to play her, except during the day while he is at work. But frankly, now that I think about it, I may start working her towards that. Since I hadn't really thought about it. Drr. So many toons, so little time. heh. At least if I do the level 40-up quests first, then Dane will know what to do when he gets to them.

Hmmmm. Gotta go.....more to come!

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