Friday, November 10, 2006

Mount up!

Well, finally the realm comes back-but I haven't been feeling well this week so I haven't been playing much. I did run out to get the pony though. =) And yes, I made Sergeant! And at 75% from 6 losing WSG games! Wow. So I got the Pinto pony, then ride back to SW to get my Sgts Cape. At the time I was down to about 18g leftover. I am up to just over 31g as I write this(and also have dinged 41!). Turning in things for the War effort-getting close to revered with Darnassus! And getting green items to sell-and selling and selling. Not doing too bad so far. Just wish I felt better. And also a little determined to get some of my personal website worked on. I get feeling guilty when I neglect it. WoW gets me neglecting alot of things, and that makes me a sad panda.

Just want to note that I have so far managed to get all my bags for free so level 15 I got a 10slot from the Darkmoon minor prize(from the 5 free tix from the dude in IF)...10slot rucksack from unique Harvester in westfall...10slot from quest in Wetlands...10slot from quest in Duskwood...then a 14slot from fishing...and lastly the 14slot Darkmoon Storage box from turning in Vibrant Plumes after grinding those nasty harpies in 1k Needles. So I have been pretty lucky with bags. However I would like some bigger ones so I don't have to run to the vendor so often. But the only bags on the AH are 8slots or 14slot Runecloths that sell for 7GOLD!! Yeah, this one person seems to have cornered the market with Runecloth bags, one day I see her mark them at 6g, then today I see they are 7. Dammit. I think I need to fish some more. There aren't even any 12slot mageweave bags in the AH whenever I check. But they would probably be overpriced too. Seems that most stuff barely sells over dealer price, but bags are a premium item still. I knew I shoulda took up tailoring. Hah...NOT! I do just fine with herbalism, and I am about to switch from skinning to alchemy, and start working on that one. I could use the frost oil potion! At least I found the Swiftness Potion recipe on the AH today for only 1g50s! That one is gonna make me some money some day. =)

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