Saturday, November 04, 2006

Warsong Gulch

Ok, so I was at 78% Corporal, and I need Sergeant to get the extra discount on the mount when I hit 40. I got Dane to level 38. And its double honor WSG weekend. So yeah, I took him in a few games. Six total-all six losses. I friggin hate that bg. I am hoping its enough honor to get at least Sgt by Tuesday, so I can buy the mount cheaper. I will be 40 by Tuesday, and hopefully I will have enough money. We shall see. Running out of quests for the level. Its that late 30s-early 40s rough spot. I am at it with 2 other toons, so I know how it is. And of course those are toons that I play alone-duoing at that point wasn't too tough, just required taking on some tougher quests. Solo isn't as easy. Will need to do some grinding. But on what? Oh, and the damn blue belt I found STILL hasn't sold and I have it down to 1g75!! Argh! Geez WoW Gods, please let me find something I can sell for some decent money!! PLEASE!

And my little level 10 Alch/bank Priest, heh every time I log in with her she gets invited to a guild. And she spends all her time in IF. Dane has been invited to one guild his whole 38 levels. Lol. Good thing though, I don't want a guild. I am loner, Dotty. Heh.

Well, off to hit 40, and then play the Lock after that until Tuesday(and hope I have enough money to buy the horse, training AND a Sgt's cloak!). And maybe a better sword. =)

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