Thursday, November 02, 2006


Ok, so I took Kimthescout out for the first time in months. Did some quests in Dustwallow Marsh, got her to about halfway to 41 before the hubby came home. Switched to Laveaux, the human warlock, and got her from level 11 to level 14 in just a little time in Westfall, and then spent every last copper training her and her pets(and couldn't even get the last grimoire I need). Well, hopefully at some point she will have more money than she needs and can send it Dane's way. Lol. She is also tailoring, thanks to Dane's sending her cloth. Need more wool though. Up to about 90 or so, can't recall. And then I fished with Dane in SW for awhile until the tv shows came on. I need to get him to Tanaris to start fishing Stonescales! I think the money may be there. I just don't know. Also fishing the Sunday tourny will help with money-missed last Sunday due to being out of town. Ugh. I really should do a couple of WSG games today too. Even though I hate it. Just deal. Just deal. Whew.

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