Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My World...of Warcraft

An introduction...I have been playing WoW since October of 2005. My current characters are:
on Kael'Thas:
Kickingbird, 60, Female Tauren Druid
Wormtongue, 60, Male Undead Mage
Tohopka, 48, Female Tauren Shaman
Taphophilia, 40, Female Undead Rogue
Kimthescout, 40, Female Night Elf Hunter(my first toon)
Geocacher, 27, Male Night Elf Druid
Laveaux, 21, Female Orc Warlock

on Echo Isles:
Dane, 37 Male Human Mage
Daneca, 10 Female Dwarf Priest(bank-alchemist)
Laveaux, 11 Female Human Warlock(bank-tailor)

To start from the start. Just as an intro, for info's sake. We got the game and loaded up and began playing October 24, 2005. My first toon was a NE hunter. Ok, I had no idea they would be sooo very overpopulated and regarded in the way they are. Basically, she has gotten to 40 to get a mount and does nothing now. Same with Geo basically. He sits. My first horde toon was Taph, but she is basically just my lockbox picker now. She just hit 40 finally, and only needs 5 more levels to be able to open the bankful of lockboxes I have been hording! A few weeks later we finally got a second account and I started Kickingbird. I do love her. She is Feral-healing sucks, or I suck at it-or I get teamed with people who can't keep the aggro off of me. Whatever reason-she kicks ass in bear form. Close to 7k hp, yeah. Exalted with AV so she rides her Frostwolf around. Only epics I have are from Exalted with AV, Darkmoon Faire quest and the class gloves quest. No biggie. I don't want to be a healbot in some massive huge guild. In fact, once Kick and Hookemhorns(hubby's 60 Tauren hunter) were about level 35ish, we joined a guild that quite frankly sucked. So we started our own. DaBeers. We only have ourselves, alts, other family and best friends(irl) in it. It isn't big, but at least we aren't bugged constantly to join some other awful guild. None of my alli toons are currently in guilds-and probably never will be.

So anyway, after Hook and Kick get up in levels, we start the Undead combo mage/priest Wormtongue and Dourif. Wormy is 300/300 herb/alch -epic horse, but still not decked in epic gear. No biggie, he's just a cool looking weed picker who makes money like crazy. And Dourif got left behind, he is only 51 at the moment. A few months later we started Tauren Shamans, his is now 51, mine is 48. She, Tohopka, is a 300 engineer, which comes in handy making money too.

So you see, with this group I tried to be as self-reliant as possible. The only base I never had covered was blacksmithing. No biggie though.

But things have gotten stale. Boring even. I spent ALOT of time the apast few months mining thorium like crazy in order to have enough Thorium Widgets to turn in for the epic necklace at the Darkmoon faire. Once I got it, it's like WHEW, I'm done. Now what? I set a few goals and reached what? I could go back to farming for that AD headpiece, but basically its just a healing update for what I've got (and I never use the healing gear I have, so why bother?!). I could farm rep with Timbermaw or AD, but again, I just don't feel a need to do so. Same with Wormy, he has no need for the reps stuff. So basically they are gonna sit until the expansion comes out. I would like to get Tohopka to 60 before then, and I may just do it. And Taph needs to be 45 to open more lockboxes-so those are some minor goals.

BUT....this is what happened three weeks ago....NEXT POST....A brand new start...coming soon!

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