Tuesday, November 21, 2006


That's right. I am now Revered with Darnassus. At level 42. I know it is a long row to hoe to get to exalted, but with Mageweave and then Runecloth turn-ins still to do, just starting Feathermoon Stronghold quests, and then the Morrowgrain repeatable at level 50, it shouldn't be too hard. Looking forward to it! I can't wait to ride a Kitty around! Although I do love my Pinto. =)

Realms down, Tuesday. Well, actually not all-I've been messing around on Kael'Thas this morning as it didn't go down. Echo Isles did though. So I got Taphophilia to 43. Equipped that Epic gun with the +14 agility. Only there for the stats, as I rarely use pulling unless I have too. And it's neat to have an epic on. =)

Dane is 42. Gotten his alchemy up to 225. Herbalism at 235. Fishing is at about 250. Finally took up cooking and am up to 220. I got the Lucky Fishing Hat in the fishing contest last week. And got another one this past Sunday. I don't need another hat-I need the boots! And to win would be nice. Need to go get the Big Iron Fishing Pole in Desolace as well. And up to 75gold. Getting some good stuff from fishing the floating debris. Got almost 5g from a mace out of a trunk I fished up. Not too shabby!

I've gotten Tohopka to 50. I kinda want to play her, I really do. Even if JUST to get to the yeti quests in Winterspring to be able to make a Yeti pet! That should be incentive enough. Just have so many other things to do. And hubby has taken his Shaman on up, he is 54 now. It'll just be another toon to sit and do a job eventually though. Need mining things? Take Kick out farming. Need Herbs or potions? Go get Wormy. Need an engineering thing-call Tohopka. Working on getting Taph to 45 so she can open all lockboxes and then I will pretty much be set there. And when Burning Crusade comes out, she becomes the Jewelcrafter. Pretty cool I guess. Just me being self-sufficient so I can play alone, essentially. I might someday work on my lower toons on KT-the lvl 18 priest, lvl21 warlock, lvl 12 warrior-but they are basically just bank alts for the time being. I just can't get into playing any of them at all. It would be cool to get the Lock to 40, just to have the coolest mount(and probably buy a wolf as well, just cos I always wanted a wolf mount-thats why Kick got exalted with AV, for the wolf!).

And now downloading the patch(well pre-patch). The last patch before expansion(in January!). Honor system changing. I can change that stupid title over my head(or hopefully get rid of it altogether!). Redoing talents-Dane is going frost I think(although fire is fun, hehe!). Who knows on the others. Still cannot decide-I'd better figure it out soon!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Mount up!

Well, finally the realm comes back-but I haven't been feeling well this week so I haven't been playing much. I did run out to get the pony though. =) And yes, I made Sergeant! And at 75% from 6 losing WSG games! Wow. So I got the Pinto pony, then ride back to SW to get my Sgts Cape. At the time I was down to about 18g leftover. I am up to just over 31g as I write this(and also have dinged 41!). Turning in things for the War effort-getting close to revered with Darnassus! And getting green items to sell-and selling and selling. Not doing too bad so far. Just wish I felt better. And also a little determined to get some of my personal website worked on. I get feeling guilty when I neglect it. WoW gets me neglecting alot of things, and that makes me a sad panda.

Just want to note that I have so far managed to get all my bags for free so far...at level 15 I got a 10slot from the Darkmoon minor prize(from the 5 free tix from the dude in IF)...10slot rucksack from unique Harvester in westfall...10slot from quest in Wetlands...10slot from quest in Duskwood...then a 14slot from fishing...and lastly the 14slot Darkmoon Storage box from turning in Vibrant Plumes after grinding those nasty harpies in 1k Needles. So I have been pretty lucky with bags. However I would like some bigger ones so I don't have to run to the vendor so often. But the only bags on the AH are 8slots or 14slot Runecloths that sell for 7GOLD!! Yeah, this one person seems to have cornered the market with Runecloth bags, one day I see her mark them at 6g, then today I see they are 7. Dammit. I think I need to fish some more. There aren't even any 12slot mageweave bags in the AH whenever I check. But they would probably be overpriced too. Seems that most stuff barely sells over dealer price, but bags are a premium item still. I knew I shoulda took up tailoring. Hah...NOT! I do just fine with herbalism, and I am about to switch from skinning to alchemy, and start working on that one. I could use the frost oil potion! At least I found the Swiftness Potion recipe on the AH today for only 1g50s! That one is gonna make me some money some day. =)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ding Dammit!

Ok, so yesterday morning I easily dinged 40 with Dane-killing those Bloodsails just outside Booty Bay. And I then took him back to Stormwind to get ready for the run to Eastvale Logging Camp to pick up my horse-after the realm maintanence. Hoping to make Sergeant to make the cost cheaper. I've got 105g now, so no biggie really, but saving 10g could buy me some bigger bags or gear. So...I go to log in today and I realize that it says our server is one of a few due for extra maintanence...LIKE A FULL DAY! No logging in and getting the horse until WEDNESDAY!!! CRAP! And they still haven't changed the rankings on the O-site (yet) so I can't even tell if I ranked up or not! Ugh...

Suppose we will play our old toons on Kael-thas tonight. Leveling up my shaman I suppose. I sent the damn epic gun to my rogue as I could not sell it at all on the AH, which was driving me crazy! I cannot believe someone wouldn't buy it! Oh well, once my rogue hits 43 she will get +14 agi and a purple item-probably the only one she will ever wear! It seems like KT is dead now. So many people waiting for the xp I guess. I don't even know what to do with some junk I've been saving up. I could try for the 18slot bag for Kick from AD, rather than the blue helmet-might make more sense. But all that work for 2 friggin slots? Hmm, maybe not. I'll look at the other loot, maybe something else it worth it. Maybe not. Sounds like 18 slot bags will be somewhat easy to get in the xp, so why bust my chops now for this one? Hmmm....

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Almost there

Well, I've played Dane quite alot the last 2 days, and I am happy to say that he is 5 bars from 40 with 100gold. I hope that I pvp'ed enough to get to Sgt, and then when I log in Tuesday(after I ding 40 tomorrow) I can run out and get my horse. Hoorah! Quests in Badlands-gotta love those rock elementals, they drop good money stuff!

Also, the AQ war effort has begun. Noticed it just tonight. On one hand, good, ready to do turn-ins and get as far into revered with Darnassas as possible. Plus selling extra things on the AH for more money. =) However, I wasn't quite ready for this to be here so soon and I feel way behind in how much stuff I have saved up to turn in. Need to check the banks and spend some time Tuesday running my horsey all over gathering stuff!!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Warsong Gulch

Ok, so I was at 78% Corporal, and I need Sergeant to get the extra discount on the mount when I hit 40. I got Dane to level 38. And its double honor WSG weekend. So yeah, I took him in a few games. Six total-all six losses. I friggin hate that bg. I am hoping its enough honor to get at least Sgt by Tuesday, so I can buy the mount cheaper. I will be 40 by Tuesday, and hopefully I will have enough money. We shall see. Running out of quests for the level. Its that late 30s-early 40s rough spot. I am at it with 2 other toons, so I know how it is. And of course those are toons that I play alone-duoing at that point wasn't too tough, just required taking on some tougher quests. Solo isn't as easy. Will need to do some grinding. But on what? Oh, and the damn blue belt I found STILL hasn't sold and I have it down to 1g75!! Argh! Geez WoW Gods, please let me find something I can sell for some decent money!! PLEASE!

And my little level 10 Alch/bank Priest, heh every time I log in with her she gets invited to a guild. And she spends all her time in IF. Dane has been invited to one guild his whole 38 levels. Lol. Good thing though, I don't want a guild. I am loner, Dotty. Heh.

Well, off to hit 40, and then play the Lock after that until Tuesday(and hope I have enough money to buy the horse, training AND a Sgt's cloak!). And maybe a better sword. =)

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Ok, so I took Kimthescout out for the first time in months. Did some quests in Dustwallow Marsh, got her to about halfway to 41 before the hubby came home. Switched to Laveaux, the human warlock, and got her from level 11 to level 14 in just a little time in Westfall, and then spent every last copper training her and her pets(and couldn't even get the last grimoire I need). Well, hopefully at some point she will have more money than she needs and can send it Dane's way. Lol. She is also tailoring, thanks to Dane's sending her cloth. Need more wool though. Up to about 90 or so, can't recall. And then I fished with Dane in SW for awhile until the tv shows came on. I need to get him to Tanaris to start fishing Stonescales! I think the money may be there. I just don't know. Also fishing the Sunday tourny will help with money-missed last Sunday due to being out of town. Ugh. I really should do a couple of WSG games today too. Even though I hate it. Just deal. Just deal. Whew.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Brand New Start

So things were getting stale. Boring even. I even stopped playing for a few weeks. (shock!) And then it happened. They opened some new realms. And I thought, "wouldn't it be nice to be among the first to 60, rather than dragging around gawking at all those who established the server sitting around Org in their epics." And I wanted it to be different. So I started a Human Mage. If I had reeeeeeally thought it out, I would have started Warlock. Free mount. Things just don't sell on a brand new server the way I am used to. It is frustrating. At level 37 now, I have 57 gold. I need at least 30-35 more gold in the next 3 levels. How I am gonna do it, I have no idea. I skin-but it sells for next to nothing, if at all(I've vendored so much its just sad). I pick herbs, but low level herbs dont sell for squat so I send them to my level 10 alchemist alt to make me some potions(and a few that sell, well somewhat ok on the AH-nothing major yet though). I'd ditch the herb to take up mining, but there is so much copper, etc on the AH at rock bottom prices right now, its just sick. Noone can afford enchants, so why even bother wth that one. I made another alt to send cloth to to be a tailor, and so far that's going ok, but they aren't making high enough stuff yet to sell in the AH. Fishing-yeah, so far the wreckage is only getting me more leather and cloth. The fishies just don't sell yet for enough to make it worthwhile. And I can't get to the Stonescale eels yet. Working on it. FINALLY found my first blue item today, but it's only a lvl 20ish belt that will go for maybe 3g, if I'm lucky. I just haven't found the niche yet. I need to check the AH more to see what the prices are. One day thick leather I get 1g for 10, a few days later 10 goes for about 45s. Ugh. I may hold him out for a few days(weeks?) to see if the war effort gets started-then the money should roll in!

Good news, after only 4 WSG games, he made 78% into Corporal! I was shocked. If I can get him to Sgt, that would be another 10% discount on the mount, training, etc. Would really help and apparently there aren't many people on our server pvping yet, so a little goes a long way! At least I got my cool tabard and trinket. Sweet!

Another thing about Dane(yes, named for Dane Cook-my latest crush!). Humans get an extra 10% or so for reputation. So, I took him to do alot of Nelf quests early on. So he hit Honored with Darnassus before Stormwind. And while he is close to Revered with SW now, he isn't far behind with Darn thanks to the cloth turn-ins. Yes, I am hoping when he gets to 60 I can get him a Swift Mistsaber. =) Now, wouldn't it be easier to get my lvl 40 Nelf hunter to 60, transfer money slowly but surely from my horde toons who are rolling in it to her and let HER get a Swift Mistsaber???? Well, uh, yeah probably. I never really though about it that way. BUT, the thing that gets in the way is that she is still stuck over on my hubby's account, from when we first started, and I would never really get to play her, except during the day while he is at work. But frankly, now that I think about it, I may start working her towards that. Since I hadn't really thought about it. Drr. So many toons, so little time. heh. At least if I do the level 40-up quests first, then Dane will know what to do when he gets to them.

Hmmmm. Gotta go.....more to come!

My World...of Warcraft

An introduction...I have been playing WoW since October of 2005. My current characters are:
on Kael'Thas:
Kickingbird, 60, Female Tauren Druid
Wormtongue, 60, Male Undead Mage
Tohopka, 48, Female Tauren Shaman
Taphophilia, 40, Female Undead Rogue
Kimthescout, 40, Female Night Elf Hunter(my first toon)
Geocacher, 27, Male Night Elf Druid
Laveaux, 21, Female Orc Warlock

on Echo Isles:
Dane, 37 Male Human Mage
Daneca, 10 Female Dwarf Priest(bank-alchemist)
Laveaux, 11 Female Human Warlock(bank-tailor)

To start from the start. Just as an intro, for info's sake. We got the game and loaded up and began playing October 24, 2005. My first toon was a NE hunter. Ok, I had no idea they would be sooo very overpopulated and regarded in the way they are. Basically, she has gotten to 40 to get a mount and does nothing now. Same with Geo basically. He sits. My first horde toon was Taph, but she is basically just my lockbox picker now. She just hit 40 finally, and only needs 5 more levels to be able to open the bankful of lockboxes I have been hording! A few weeks later we finally got a second account and I started Kickingbird. I do love her. She is Feral-healing sucks, or I suck at it-or I get teamed with people who can't keep the aggro off of me. Whatever reason-she kicks ass in bear form. Close to 7k hp, yeah. Exalted with AV so she rides her Frostwolf around. Only epics I have are from Exalted with AV, Darkmoon Faire quest and the class gloves quest. No biggie. I don't want to be a healbot in some massive huge guild. In fact, once Kick and Hookemhorns(hubby's 60 Tauren hunter) were about level 35ish, we joined a guild that quite frankly sucked. So we started our own. DaBeers. We only have ourselves, alts, other family and best friends(irl) in it. It isn't big, but at least we aren't bugged constantly to join some other awful guild. None of my alli toons are currently in guilds-and probably never will be.

So anyway, after Hook and Kick get up in levels, we start the Undead combo mage/priest Wormtongue and Dourif. Wormy is 300/300 herb/alch -epic horse, but still not decked in epic gear. No biggie, he's just a cool looking weed picker who makes money like crazy. And Dourif got left behind, he is only 51 at the moment. A few months later we started Tauren Shamans, his is now 51, mine is 48. She, Tohopka, is a 300 engineer, which comes in handy making money too.

So you see, with this group I tried to be as self-reliant as possible. The only base I never had covered was blacksmithing. No biggie though.

But things have gotten stale. Boring even. I spent ALOT of time the apast few months mining thorium like crazy in order to have enough Thorium Widgets to turn in for the epic necklace at the Darkmoon faire. Once I got it, it's like WHEW, I'm done. Now what? I set a few goals and reached them...now what? I could go back to farming for that AD headpiece, but basically its just a healing update for what I've got (and I never use the healing gear I have, so why bother?!). I could farm rep with Timbermaw or AD, but again, I just don't feel a need to do so. Same with Wormy, he has no need for the reps stuff. So basically they are gonna sit until the expansion comes out. I would like to get Tohopka to 60 before then, and I may just do it. And Taph needs to be 45 to open more lockboxes-so those are some minor goals.

BUT....this is what happened three weeks ago....NEXT POST....A brand new start...coming soon!