Sunday, June 08, 2008

Weekend Summary

It was hunter weekend!! First we started with my boy, Wyl, in Nagrand. Hubby got one of his 70s to help finish most of the group quests there. He is up to 67 1/2 now.

Then we got kiddo to play our Dwarf Hunters. First of all, we went from level 45 to 48. We finished up some quests in Tanaris, Feralas and the Hinterlands. Managed to get the chicken escorts for TN and HI(had already done Feralas) and got ourselves the Mechanical Chicken mini pet! I think hubby does not want his. I will have him send it to my rogue. Sweet. :) Then we decided to have some fun. We went to Scarlet Monastery and ran through there several times, for the silk(kiddo needs help on tailoring and first aid), and the drops to help our money situations. We had loads of fun and no real problems getting through each of them. Then for a lark, we attempted Uldamen!! And imagine our surprise when we managed to finish it with NO deaths! (ok, I got real close once when hubby aggroed a scorpion pit and then his pet somehow pulled half a room of those dwarves!) Kiddo got the shoulders from the Ancient Stone Keeper, but most of the rest of the drops were crap. Well, I did get the Emberscale Cape, which is ok, maybe no *really* an upgrade(and fugly for a cape), but I put it on. AND we did get the quest at the end finished so we got the 14slot bag, HUGE help! All in all, lots of fun...I can't wait to get these guys to Outland!

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