Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Exalted now!

When realms came back up around noon, I logged in with Hekubus. One note-Wowhead does NOT have reputation gains correct!

From Astranaar I went to Maestro's Post and turned in Tower of Alth. Got 250 rep, expected that. Accepted next part. Went up to Master's Glaive to do level 17ish escort that I forgot. Easy as pie. Then went to Tower of Alth, turn in next part(25 rep) and accept part to get head of guy in Tower. Stealthed up, killed him, died to all those stupid Warlocks on the way out. Turned in head, 250 rep! Back to Auberdine, fly to Astranaar. Turn in escort quest at Shrine of Assenia(?) for 250 rep! Then over to Maestro's Post to turn in last quest of Tower of Alth for *another* 250 rep and BOOM exalted!


Now he sits at the cat vendor/trainer waiting for the patch. Cheers!

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