Monday, June 02, 2008

The two hour level

We get home from a weekend out of town with just a few hours to play(and rest from the trip too of course). We had our Warlocks only about 3 bars from level 58. We scared the three friends of that weird Goblin in Winterspring and turned in that quest. Then made our way to Eastern Plaguelands. Turned in the book to that guy, ran to Darrowshire and found sister Pamela, and then went on to the Bulwark and turned in the Everlook Report...boom DING! (well, ok I was a few points behind, we went into WPL and killed on spider and then DING!) Went back to Undercity, trained and headed for the Dark Portal!!

Inside the Dark Portal and onto Thrallmar. Getting the early quests, we did the 'kill several demons', 'close the demon portals', 'bomb the two big portals', 'bomb lots of demons and cannons', 'kill Razorsaw and some other demons', 'gather wood and metal', 'gather Bonechewer blood' and 'burn the Alliance cannons'(yeah I don't remember the quest names, if you've done them you know which ones I mean!) and two hours later were level 59!! Yes, and about 500 hit points and 1000 mana points higher! I don't even remember what our spell damage went up to!

And now I have my 8th character in Outland. Wow.

I've also come to grips with the fact that I will probably have to delete my level 32 warrior in order to start a Death Knight on Kael' Thas. I know I don't *have* to start them there, but that is where our resources are so why not. And if Blizz isn't going to give us another character slot with the expansion then someone has to go. My two lowest on my account are the 30ish hunter and warrior. Since this hunter is played rather different than my other hunter, and the DK will basically be sort of a warrior-the warrior will probably be the one to go bye-bye. Now I have all this time to decide what race it will be and come up with a name!

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