Sunday, June 22, 2008

Midsummer Fire Fest....yawn

So yesterday started the two week holiday Midsummer Fire Festival. Wake me when it is over.

There are "flames" to honor in most zones. Cool. At level 51 with our Dwarves(dinged while seeking them), we were getting I think 3500xp and 40 silver. At 61(warlocks) we were getting about 4850xp and 1gold. You also get 5 Blossoms. Blossoms are used for currency for "Summer" items. Here is a list...

Summer Robe-nice, I bought this with a few characters, cool "on use" effect-your hands glow with fire while you dance

Summer shoes-waste of blossoms

Flaming shoulders-look rather dumb, but I got them with loads of my characters last year and the year before, don't really need them with anyone new

Flame mini-pet-Also got this last year with those that mattered. It's not that interesting a pet anyway

Dancing brazier thingee-dumb, just dumb. Well I guess if you want to stand around and watch a dancing fiery Draenei, go for it-I think it's dumb

Buff food-the only thing really worth spending the blossoms on, for me

So some people want lots of this crap. And you get MORE Blossoms from stealing the other faction flames. Which of course makes you flagged for PvP which I LOATHE. I don't need them blossoms, THANK GOODNESS!

There is also the matter of this new instance boss. Level 70. My level 70s are so poorly geared I don't think any of them would be asked to go into the instance. So I miss out on the cool epic gear he drops, the chance at the little mini flame elemental pet, and the cool tabard you get after killing him. That all sucks. Really. But I will live.

It's crap like that, that make me HATE this game! Oh, yeah, BRING ON BREWFEST! Kodos for my Alliance characters! WOOT!

Uhm, heh.

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