Thursday, June 05, 2008

A little rogue, and a little warlock last night

First off, we ran our Druid/Shaman 70s around the Dire Maul courtyard until we had enough Runecloth to finally get our Locks to 300 in tailoring. Took about an hour, but it was fun. The only decent drops came when one of those rares showed up in the Arena and we jumped down to take him out. It was Skarr the Unbreakable, and he dropped Lady Alizabeth's Pendant(meh) and Sword of Zeal. I'm not even sure I'll be able to sell these on the AH, who knows. I suppose I could save it for my rogue on Kael'Thas, but she is only 45 and this is level 58 and she may never see level 58! The pendant will probably be disenchanted for a Large Brilliant Shard.

Then we played our Locks for awhile. We actually went back and fought Blazerunner for "It's Dangerous To Go Alone" in Un'Goro, piece of cake. Then a few more quests in Winterspring. We ended up about 2 bars from 60. Still not certain if and when we will do the Warlock Epic Mount quest. Don't have any of the mats for it yet, but it wouldn't take too long to put them together. Right now we just want to go buy a mount and go back later for the quest. And I'm still about 50g short of buying a mount. Though my 70s have got loads, so no worries there.

Then hubby took his 45 hunter over on Draenor and ran my little Rogue through Shadowfang Keep. Dinged 21 while in there and got the Rugged Spaulders and Fenrus' Hide cloak. Two pretty big upgrades to what I was wearing. Will need a run through Stockades soon too, just to continue the Seal of Wrynn quest line. Also have gotten to within a bar of Revered with level 21. Sweet!

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