Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day weekend

So hubby wanted to play lots of WoW this weekend. No problem! We got our hunters from just at 48 all the way to 50.5. Spent lots of time farming for thick leather on gray mobs, got his leatherworking to 265 or so. My engineering is at about 215. Got up early to get kiddo's herbalism up, now at 202. My mining is at 240.

Also, he ran my Gnome Rogue through Stockades. Mainly to continue Seal of Wrynn questline. Got lucky, first time through the rare mob was there, dropped fist weapon "Iron Knuckles". Would rather have had the dagger drop, but will not complain. Turning in quests levels him up to 24. Three bars into Revered with Darnassus. Oh yes, he will be exalted before level 40. Sweet.

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