Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Transmog Time

 I am going to start a series showing off my Transmogrification sets for all of my characters. I have put a bit of time into most of my sets, getting my characters to look just how I'd like them to look at all times. It's what fits their personalities, their race, their professions even. Nothing fancy, that's for sure. But I have put quite a bit of thought into them.

 First up is my main, my Druid. I posed her atop Thunder Bluff with her Hyjal Bear Cub. Items include the following:
Head: Stag-Helm of Malorne (from Karazhan)
Shoulders: Pauldrons of Tribal Fury (Justice Points in Shattrath)
Back: Grimtotem Cloak (quest in Dustwallow Marsh)
Gloves: Gauntlets of Malorne (Karazhan)
Legs: Salamander Scale Pants (Molten Core)
Feet: Cenarion Boots (Molten Core)
Weapon: Warphorn Spear (vendors in Outland)
with Keepers of Time tabard

 A bit of a mish-mash from different sets, but I think they look good together. And my feral cat is the brown color, so it goes well with that. I also have the Rogue-ish blue Bloodfang recolor set for when I want to feel more stealthy.
  Strangely, as much as I like this very Druid-ish looking set, with the antlers and all, I do not look forward to the new Druid travel form being a stag. I love my little cheetah! I have this Tauren Druid at 85, plus a Troll Druid at 85, a Night Elf Druid(Moonkin) at 85, and a Worgen Druid at 79-and none of them are going to step a foot anywhere until I have the glyph that gives me my little cheetah back!!

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