Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Level 85 #22

A few days ago I got my 22nd character to level 85. A Worgen Druid. This will probably be my last 85 before the expansion comes out. I have a level 80(my "demon hunter"-but demons are just not found in Cata zones, so it will be dailies the rest of the way for him); and 4 more in their 70s; and another 9 in their 60s. As much as I would love to level them all(and might eventually), it is time to buckle down and get ready for Mists of Pandaria. I will be going over what I have prepared for my new monk-to-be in another post.

  So here is what I have at level 85:
  • At least one of each race
  • At least one of each class
  • One Druid of each of the 4 races available
The break down at max level:
Per Class:
Death Knight x2: male Blood Elf, male Undead
Druid x4: female Tauren, male Troll, male Night Elf, male Worgen
Hunter x3: male Blood Elf, female Orc, female Dwarf
Mage x3: male Undead, male Human, male Dwarf
Paladin x2 male Blood Elf, female Dwarf
Priest x1: female Draenei
Rogue x3: male Blood Elf, male Gnome, female Goblin
Shaman x2: female Tauren, male Dwarf
Warlock x1: male Undead

Warrior x1: female Undead

Per Race:
1 Orc-female hunter
2 Tauren-female druid, female shaman
1 Troll-male druid
4 Undead-male death knight, male mage, male warlock, female warrior
4 Blood Elf -male death knight, hunter, paladin, rogue
1 Goblin-female rogue

1 Human-male mage
4 Dwarf-female hunter, female paladin, male mage, male shaman
1 Gnome-male rogue
1 Night Elf-male druid
1 Draenei-female priest
1 Worgen-male druid

  There you have it, the break down of all of my level 85 characters. I will be leveling an Undead Monk on Day 1 of Mists of Pandaria(post about that coming soon)-though he will not be my first level 90. That honor goes to my Tauren Druid. She is always my number 1!

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