Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mage->Defias Rogue Transmog

  Today I am going to be showing my Human Mage, that sort of looks like a Defias Rogue. Shown here at the entrance to Deadmines with his faithful color coordinated Darkmoon Monkey. I've never been a fan of dresses on my male cloth wearers(or any of my characters really for that matter!), and having saved the red bandana headpiece found in Outland, I decided to go with a psych-out look. Most of the time the only thing that would give him away is his water elemental!

Head: Outlander's Facewrap
Shoulders: Flameseer Mantle (drops Uldaman)
Chest, gloves, legs and boots are all from the Netherweave set made by tailors
Main hand: Torturing Poker (drops Scarlet Monastery-may be going away in MoP)
Off Hand: Rod of Molten Fire (rare boe world drop-got mine cheap on AH)

I don't usually wear a tabard with the outfit, but any black or red one would probably look alright. My guild tabard is black/white and looks alright, but I leave it off anyway.

Next up will be my Blood Elf Paladin!

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