Tuesday, August 28, 2012

More Transmog

  I have decided to just flat out post screenshots of the rest of my characters in their transmogrification outfits. If you have any questions about any of the gear you can ask in the comments or find me on Twitter @graveskaut
  In no particular order, these are most of my level 85 characters. Not all of my 85s have transmog sets, and some are not quite complete, so I did not post them. Some of these, I admit, probably could use a better shot to show the outfit. I might do another showing the outfits using the Mog-it panel. 

Dwarf Hunter with Skoll

Undead Death Knight

Blood Elf Paladin

Undead Warlock

Gnome Rogue

Dwarf Paladin

Blood Elf Death Knight

Blood Elf Rogue

Worgen Druid

Troll Druid

Undead Warrior

Gnome Goblin

Tauren Shaman

Orc Hunter

Blood Elf Hunter

Dwarf Shaman

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