Saturday, January 09, 2010

Wyndampryce turns 36

It's been awhile since I posted about my Rogue Demon Hunter, Wyndampryce, since it's been awhile since I actually played him. In the last week I've gotten him to level 35 and then 36. Still fighting only Demons! The last few levels have taken him to Desolace and the Satyrs there. At 36, the ones near Nijel's Point are all green to him so I will be moving across Desolace to the Mannoroc Coven. The demons there range from 37 to 40, so I'll need to watch my path. Almost died on first test there yesterday by aggroing a level 40 Warlock and his imp pet while fighting two Succubi! Thank goodness for Vanish and Sprint!

I'd like to do some more exploring with him to gain a few XP from that, but most of the areas I have left to explore are going to be difficult at his level. I think I will wait 4 more levels and that epic mount!

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