Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Maybe I'm a cheapskate...

But I would never pay this much for a green level 26 item!After my recent trip through Scarlet Monastery, I had a few things left over to sell. My little Priest is an enchanter, and even when being run through, it was a nice addition to be able to just hit "Disenchant" on most items and skip the whole open the bags and figure out what to disenchant. I do know there are some things that will sell on the Auction House. I just didn't realize for how much!
This item was the Emblazoned Hat. There was already one on the AH for 250g, which made me nearly spit out my soda. I figured what the heck and posted mine for 150g and it sold within an hour! Another leather helm, Insignia Cap, sold for 15g, probably because it is level 30, just above the "twink" level.
I suppose "twinks" haven't gone away, or the economy has gotten really, really out of whack because people have so much money these days. While this is good for lower level players to MAKE money, if you are in serious need of an upgrade and all the items are 50g, well it's just ridiculous.
While I am not bad at making money, it may be because I am a cheapskate and refuse to spend this kind of money on items at the Auction House. In fact, I recently leveled up Jewelcrafting from 1 to 350 and didn't spend a dime on the Auction House, I farmed every single item I needed. And then sold the items I made and extra mats on the AH for gobs of money. Of course, I had the time to do that. I suppose some people just don't have the time-and I'm there for them, supplying them with what they need, and netting the profits!
Time is indeed money, my friend. :)

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mom0f3NYC said...

Inflation, inflation, inflation. Unbelievable what people are asking for items. Coming from the good ole days when you really had to work to make gold, it is ludicrous. I have recently seen items on the AH for 20k gold! Oh well, I farm a lot of mats and lower level gear and make items that sell for my profit and then can buy or make those epix that I don't get in dungeons. It can get boring at times, but I suppose anything else gets boring as well. In those cases, take a break and perhaps do as you do and actually have another hobby like taking cool pix or do as I do and view them. Your pictures are interesting and you have a keen eye for the unusual. Thanks