Saturday, January 09, 2010

End game

That's my hunter. He's sleeping. That is what "end game" is for my level 80s. Reaching the pinnacle for me, as a completely solo player, means "the end". When I climb a mountain, I don't stay up there to throw parties, I look for another mountain to climb. So my version of "end game" is clearly different than most World of Wacraft players. I might actually climb the same mountain again, but I'll be looking for another trail to get there. No two trips are ever the same. And I don't need anyone to help me climb that mountain.

That's what my level 80s achievements look like for the Northrend group stuff. And I'm sort of proud of that actually. It's not so much a "badge of honor" as it is a "badge of 'look how much I really suck'" kinda thing. That's sorta how I feel about it anyway.

With that said, I think I'm gonna let this lie like my hunter now. End game. Until those darn earthquakes wake me up.

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Adam said...

If this means you're gonna quit WoW, or quit blogging about it at least, I'm sorry to hear that. I tend to be somewhat misanthropic myself....there's a LOT of people I can't stand, especially the general public. Though i have made some friends in and out of game, I really don't care if i make anymore. I get called "anti-social" by my friends a lot...which is true, but not the same extent as you apparently :) I mean no disrespect or insult by that....I totally get where you're coming from when it comes to people. Part of why i've enjoyed your blog is because I can see the similarities in us. I'm kinda rambling here, so i'll stop for the time being. Don't know why I waited till now to reading this for months :)