Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Exalted with Timbermaw!

It took awhile and was amazingly boring most of the time-and annoying when others showed up in my grind spot and ruined my rep-per-hour formula...BUT I finally got it done with my druid, Kickingbird! Pretty cool seeing your name announced by Thrall throughout all of Orgrimmar. :) The trinket is cool, but the little Timbermaw guy doesn't last very long.

This brings me to todays topic of being Exalted. With the new achievements coming with Wrath, these just might mean something more than vendor discounts. For example, the aforementioned Kickingbird, being Exalted with Timbermaw as well as Sporeggar and The Mag'har in Outland, will recieve the title of "the Diplomat". I rather like the sound of that! It also looks like anyone Exalted with all 5 of your home factions, such as my rogue, Rayak, will get the title of "the Ambassador". That's cool too. I'm fairly close to being full exalted on several of my characters and will spend the time in the next few weeks getting them there.

I'm not certain I can get the "exalted with 25 or more factions" title, because many of the seemingly easy ones(the ones most people have exalted on it seems) are Outland factions that require continuous instance runs(Cenarion, Thrallmar, Shat'ar, Lower City, etc) and I am barely above honored on all of those simply because I do not do instances. Oh well. I hope there aren't too many of those in Northrend and that most factions will have a way to grind rep solo.

Also looking forward to the titles and tabards that go along with many achievements. Aside from those I mentioned above, I think my rogue may be able to get the "Chef" title at some point, as well as a title of "the Explorer" and an Explorer's tabard. I am also hoping for the title of "the Seeker" on at least one other character(preferably Wormtongue) by finishing 3000 total quests-but I need to get him back to every zone and make sure nothing has been missed!

Hmmm, WoW finally making this game fun for me. Which means I simply CANNOT quit the game EVER now! Argh.

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