Saturday, December 12, 2009

Oldest Screenshot!

I thought I'd do something a little fun today. I wanted to see what was the oldest screenshot I had on my computer. I started playing WoW in October of 2005, and this screenshot is from April 18, 2006-I guess that's when I got my new computer(the one I'm still playing on!).
I'll explain the shot a bit. This is my Druid, at level 57, and my hubby's hunter(and his kitty, Shasta), in Winterspring. We had been hunting for Ursius when this moonkin and bear attacked us. And the bear dropped Destiny! I realize it isn't a hunter's weapon-and we sat on it for a day-until we finally decided to let hubby's hunter equip it. At that time, having an *epic*-especially for us- was realllllly something!
I love going back through old screenshots, the same way I love going back through old photos I've taken on vacations. It's so interesting to see how far things have come since then.


Joar said...

I actually don't take as many screenshots as I should. I really like the idea of organizing them like photo albums. Maybe even use Picasa or something like that.

Scout said...

I've been meaning to go through and do more with mine also. I actually have had to start a second "screenshots" folder because the first one took forever to load because it had so many pictures in it! I suppose being a photographer in my real life is the reason why I take so many screenshots. And it's so fun to go back and remember those times a few years ago and how much things have changed in the game!