Friday, December 04, 2009

More Patch 3.3

I actually forgot about the things I am really looking forward to in the next patch in my last post. To my defense, they aren't listed in the patch notes, which is what I was going by, but I will add them here now.

  • New pets from Breanni!
That's right, for the low low price of 40g(or lower depending on your Kirin Tor rep), you can get a Calico Cat and an Albino Snake. Remember to buy them from Breanni and NOT from the scammers who will buy them and mark them up to 150g on the Auction House! I hate that, hate hate hate. I personally can't wait for the Calico Cat, since I have my own little Calico kitty. She's been my baby for nearly 15 years now. It will be so cool to have my little baby following me around in game. :)

  • Titanium transmutation cooldown removed
At least I hope this is still coming, since as I mentioned it is not in the patch notes. And this will be so very nice for my transmute master alchemist. I've already stocked up on about 200 Saronite bars. I'll either make lots of Titanium bars for the purpose of making new gear for my and my hubby's alts(or for disenchanting), or for selling by the stack if the price of Saronite bars skyrockets. This goes along with word that Titanium ore nodes are actually going to have their spawn rate up significantly. So whether I go mining to get the Titanium, or transmute it, it's a nice change. And if it makes more sense to sell all of the Saronite I've got stocked up, then I will do that as well.

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