Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Patch 3.3 coming

Ok, so I was a little ranty earlier. I've eaten lunch now. Let's talk about what the new patch will mean to a soloer like me...


Ok, not really, I might be able to find a few good things in it for me. Let's see if we can find them.

  • Tuskarr Fishing Tournament!
Ok, on top of the list is probably this. Or at least it was. It was originally scheduled for Wednesday evening at 8pm. That was fine by me-I might miss a bit of Ghosthunters, but I'm okay with that. But I suppose too many raiders complained that this was RIGHT at prime raiding time, so they moved it to Saturday afternoon. So, like the Sunday one, I either won't be home or will be spending time with my family and probably won't find much time to do this one either. Not that I need boots that teleport me to Booty Bay or an heirloom ring(none of my characters use any heirlooms, why start now?). It sounded fun, now not so much.

  • Advanced quest tracking
This one sounds pretty cool. This will be great for my hubby who barely remembers the names of town much less where to go for any quest-even one we've done dozens of times. Me-I was born with a GPS in my head, I probably remember just about every quest I've done, where to go and the easiest way to get there(not that anyone ever listens to my advice-but that's a whole other rant...). Now I won't have to access my memory banks for that info, I can just look at the map and it will tell me where to go. Although I'm pretty sure that at my age, accessing memory banks often is supposed to help stave off Alzheimer's. Hmmm.

  • Meeting stones no longer have upper level requirement
I suppose if I did dungeons more this would matter. But it WILL help all those times when I want hubby to run me through a dungeon and he is taking forever to get there(or can't remember where it is).

  • PvP Daily quests now reward 25 arena points
Yeah, but don't you need an arena rating to spend the points on anything? So what am I supposed to do with these points?
  • Looking For Group new feature with Cross Realm Dungeons
Yeah, uhmmmm, no. Not even for an ugly little dog minipet. And I'll do almost anything for a minipet. But not this.

  • Ignore List increased to 50 names
YaY! I knew I'd find one I really liked!

So what am I doing leading up to the Patch? And what will I be doing after it hits? Same as usual-farm up and cook food for raiders; transmute and cut gems to sell to raiders; gather tons of herbs and make lots of flasks to sell to the raiders. Hey, if I can't beat them or join them, I might as well make money off of them!

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