Monday, December 21, 2009

Leveling a Rogue now

I am leveling my second rogue, but my first truly solo rogue. My rogue that is 80 now actually trio'd with hubby and daughter's characters. So my first real "rogue".

I admit to getting help on a few group quests, as rogues aren't really built to take massive damage. My other true solo characters that are level 80 have been Druid, Mage, Hunter and Paladin. All of them have a fairly easy time with multiple mobs or harder than average quests(though not always with the Mage). The Rogue, however, is more about being sneaky and picking your fights. Making liberal use of Stealth and Vanish. Avoiding most mobs and only fighting who you need to fight and moving on.

And I love pickpocket!

Right now my Rogue is level 66, nearly to 67 and hopefully just a couple of hours away from heading to Northrend. I think the look of the gear in Northrend fits the style of Rogue more than almost anything in Outland. Get me away from the bright colors!

Also, as of now, my rogue has mining and skinning. I'm considering dropping skinning to pick up Jewelcrafting. I like JC, and leveling it just to get the trinkets Emerald Boar, Monarch Crab, and Ruby Hare make it absolutely worth it. I'll probably do that once I hit level 68. And Dense Stone Statues will help for at least a little while(I really wish they would make a newer version of this one).

After my rogue, I have a Moonkin at 71, hunter at 70, and Death Knight at 76. Any of them could be my next 80, I just haven't decided yet. And the next highest characters are another rogue and hunter, each at level 46. Maybe I will just wait for Cataclysm after this.

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