Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Not a happy camper

So I bought my very first dual spec today. And I'm not really thrilled about it. Let me explain...

A few weeks ago, a relative and his wife decided to reroll(a paladin and a death knight) on our server and join up with our happy little trio. They had previously raided on a pvp server. They had tried to tempt us to the pvp server, but that did NOT work. So in a few weeks, they level to 80 and jump right into dungeons to gear up. They tried to get us into a few dungeons. The low level ones were a breeze, as they rightly should have been. The one level 80 we did, the Trial one, went horribly.

So in the past week, Relative and his protection paladin are gearing up-telling us that once he has gear, all will be better. Better for whom? I don't WANT to do dungeons now! It's a matter of principal almost, I LIKE not having those achievements.

And I don't give a flip about gear! They keep linking items that I could get. Please-you could take me into a jewelry store and all I would see are expensive rocks. They don't excite me. Same with the high level gear. I don't freaking care about it! "Well, you could go back and do dailies faster with it". I do dailies just fine now, thank you, big whoop if I can do it 5 minutes faster.

But they keep at it. So do I suck it up and do it "for them" or what? I won't be happy. But when you have relatives standing around saying "oh come on!" what do you do?

I try to relay that I have zero confidence and zero skill. Wearing mostly epics and can't do over 1300dps. Oh, but that's because it's mostly PvP gear-you need "+hit" gear. Sure. I'll just snap my fingers and make that appear. Especially since my druid is only a few quests from Loremaster and nearly every quest reward has been disenchanted. So there's nothing to go back to, and the only way to get more gear aside from PvP gear would be dungeons-which I will not do on my own(and don't even want to do at all).

So I got mad today(was having a bad day anyway). I took off all of my PvP gear, flew around picking up items from the different factions, bought a bunch of crap from the auction house, and bought the dual spec. And then specced into Moonkin.

At least I can say I have really REALLY bad gear, that isn't gemmed or enchanted, nowhere near the hit cap, but at least it isn't PvP gear. And I will sit there as my big fat ugly chicken and mope.

And I don't even feel like playing anymore now. Not inspired to do any of the Winter's Veil achievements or quests. Not in the mood to farm or level up an alt. I just feel bored now. I hate this.


Anonymous said...

Just say ''/carepolice!'' to em' :>
Rly funny post, good writing.

Anonymous said...

Ah this old situation..quote 'but you must want better gear' me 'no not really' 'but then you could raid...' me 'don't want to raid'.
I am happy with what I have as poor as that may be. We are discussing imaginary weapons and gear in a computer game. I play for fun, otherwise it would feel like a job and I already have a pointless one of those!
Don't give up on the game nor the achievements, just tell the nice people that you are happy with what you have and have decided to play a different way from them. This does not negate your enjoyment of the game nor theirs. Raiding and dungeons make you sick (as they do me) and that you are much happier with the dailies and the pets/titles/stuff!