Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Army of Alts...some notes

I made a post a few days ago listing all of the characters I have over level 60. There are 16 of them, 15 are over 70(Gnome Rogue is almost 65 and moving up quickly). But I read another blog post and wanted to make a point of noting something about my army of alts...

I have NOT used Recruit-A-Friend system. It takes more accounts(or a friend-which I don't have), and I can't really afford to have more accounts than I already have.

And I have NOT used any heirloom items. Not a single one. First I didn't really have access to them, but that changed with the ability to buy them with Champion's Seals. The only characters with access to them, don't really have anyone to send them to! All of my alts on that realm are over level 70 and most of them duo with my hubby, so I wouldn't want to get ahead of him. The alts that I might not mind having them, don't have Big Brothers to go out and get them. But that's okay, because I obviously love leveling characters!

And yes, I already have about a dozen names saved across several realms for future Worgen, Goblins, and other new class/race combinations. And none of them will have any heirlooms either.


Joar said...

No heirlooms? Wow! I must say, I do use the heirlooms as a little bit of a crutch. I've got shoulders for almost all of the alts that I'm leveling, and I've got a leather dps chestpiece, and just finally hit Crusader on my main - so will probably pick up the cloth caster chestpiece as well.

I must say the lack of heirlooms makes what you've accomplished in terms of leveling alts just that much more impressive to me! Kudos!

(no sarcasm intended here at all - serious Kudos!)

Scout said...

Thank you. I guess I just have a lot of extra time on my hands. I suppose that's not really a good thing in the long run. I wish I could pull myself away from the game more often to get other things done! Maybe that will be one of my New Year's resolutions. :)