Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Working on rep, solo

In addition to leveling up lots of new characters(my latest Paladin is now 68 and in Northrend!), I've decided to go back and work on as many reputations as possible with my main Druid. She is currently sitting at 22 exalted, the latest being Cenarion Circle(I'll be happy to not see Silithus ever again!). I will never be able to raise certain reps to exalted, such as the ones that require numerous dungeon runs, or the ones that are flat out crazy(Steamwheedle or Shen'dralar!). These are the ones I've worked on or will work on solo:

  • Timbermaw- I had this to exalted well before Wrath. The only bonus at exalted is a cute trinket that summons a Timbermaw to fight with you, but he really doesn't do much except look cute!
  • Argent Dawn- Got this to exalted by running Stratholme over and over at level 80. Also finishing every single quest I could find in both Plaguelands. Only good thing about being exalted is a title IF you are also exalted with the Wrath version, Argent Crusade.
  • Cenarion Circle- Just got this today. Basically finishing as many quests as possible in Silithus, and then grinding the Twilight Cultists. They give 10 rep per kill. They also drop Twilight Texts which turn in 10 for 500 rep-this is your best bet for rep here. You can also collect the three piece Twilight outfit and fight the elementals at the windstones. They drop an Abyssal Crest, 3 of those give 150 rep. I'd guess that going from just honored to exalted took me about 4-5 hours total, and I bought no texts from the AH though this is an option.

  • Shat'ari Skyguard- I got this exalted not long after the quests opened up for me. It's a matter of just dailies(in Terrokar, and Ogrila, Blades Edge once you open the Ogrila dailies) or grinding the Skettis for rep per kill and shadow dust to turn in.
  • Shattered Sun- daillies, dailies, dailies. I did this with 5 characters-not sure I could do it ever again though!
  • Scryers/Aldor- I am still only revered with Scryers(12k/21k). This one will simply takes either buying the Sunfury Signets or Arcane Tomes from the AH or farming them in Netherstorm or Shadowmoon Valley.
  • Ogrila- It took a group to open these dailies. It wasn't fun(especially being bossed around by a 12 year old), but it did take a 5man group back at level 70 to kill the 3 elites needed. I'm not certain if these can be soloed at level 80. And then again, it just took daily after daily to finally hit exalted.
  • Netherwing- another Awesome rep grind, but also took a group to open at level 70(possibly soloable at 80, not sure). Well worth it if you can get past the big group quest, and have epic flying(required for starting the dailies).
  • Sporeggar- Pretty much only done for the mini-pet. Two different ways to gain exalted-repeatable quest to kill a number of Naga that are nearby, or turn in Sanguine Hibiscus. I went the turn in route, and I had a rogue stealth farm these back at 70(and farmed enough for himself, my druid, and my kid's mage-that is A LOT of hibiscus!!)
  • Mag'har/Kurenai -Simply a matter of doing all quests in Nagrand and then farming Ogres in Nagrand for rep per kill and beads to turn in. At exalted you can buy the very cool Talbuk mounts!
  • Consortium- Quests in Nagrand and Netherstorm, farming Zaxxis Insignias in Netherstorm or Ogre beads in Nagrand(the same from the other rep grind there). There are no mobs with rep per kill. I am still just over Revered with these guys, it will be one of my next grinds.
  • Cenarion Expedition- Quests in Zangarmarsh and Blades Edge, a turn in up until honored. This is one isn't easy. Luckily they added a few more quests in Borean Tundra with Wrath, and a repeatable quest to turn in ears from the Nesingwary lackies running around the zone. I'm just over revered (5k/21k) and this is my next grind. There is another repeatable quest back in Zangarmarsh, but it requires dungeon runs or buying from the AH. The ear quest gives much more rep per time than that one. It is 15 ears per turn in for 150 rep. The best place I found to grind them is the Minions of Kaw. They respawn fast and have a good drop rate. The bonus at exalted, the Cenarion Hypogryph mount and title if exalted with both Cenarion reps!

Wrath reputations in another post coming soon!

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Scout - this is a great list! Thanks so much for posting this!