Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Let's see how that's gone after one week

Looking back at last week's post for patch 3.2 and how things have gone for my characters...

  • Mounts: this has been incredible! I LOVE the new Undead horse. My druid finished buying up enough mounts to get the Albino Drake(reward for 50 mounts achievement). Flying around Outland on several characters have made some quests so it's easy that were previously a pain in the neck. And my few characters that can now fly around Northrend at lower levels, it is amazing. And of course, the non-epic flyer going so much faster, really makes it not as painful if you don't have epic.
  • Children's Week: This was so much fun! I had a blast carting the two orphans around on all of my characters. I had around 10 characters doing this quest, and I probably split with half getting the Curious Oracle and half getting the Curious Wolvar. They are both adorable!
  • Baby Raptors: Yes, they are adorable. But these have just given me a GIANT headache. It took 35 runs with my druid to get the one from Wailing Caverns(at around 30 raptors per run, well over 1000 raptors). After 7 runs, my mage still hasn't gotten one. And the rare raptors are massively camped-but they are showing up on the auction house for upwards of 8k gold. STUPID money grubbers, let the REAL pet collectors get these mobs!! (insert extreme mad face here)
  • Ravasaur Trainer: This has been fun! I didn't go out the first day because I knew it would be crazy. So my druid started on day #2 and my DK on day #3. I love the DK horse, but frankly I'm a little sick of that scream when you summon him. My UD DK bought the new Ochre Undead horse. But my level 80 DK is a Blood Elf and I refuse to ride the chicken things, so he will be getting a Ravasaur. :)
  • Potions stacking to 20: This is cool, saves some room here and there but I guess I didn't have as much of them in my banks as I thought I had. Heh.
  • Epic Gems: Yes, I bought some recipes and made some gems. I've sold maybe 4 gems at around 400g each. Not a huge amount really. It seems that MOST people are either getting their gems from some other means and simply asking in trade for a JC to cut them. I bought some of the more maybe 'un-standard' recipes as well as a couple of the more popular(Solid blue and the agility red one). The ones I sold were the ones with good stats(The Regal with +10 defense and +15 stamina) and no competition for on the AH. I also transmuted enough to finish the quest on my mage for the transmute:red gem. I know I can look and SEE what is on the AH, but it's really hard to say what will SELL on the AH. I made a yellow gem right off the bat and placed it on the AH for several days, thinking all the engineers wanting to make Jeeves would need them. Either there aren't many engineers, or they got their gems somewhere else. I ended up cutting the yellow one and giving it to my kid for her new PvP shoulders.
  • Argent Tournament: This has gone well. I love the new quests-they are incredibly easy and fun! I got the Argent Tabard right off the bat, and the time it saves me is unbelievable! If you plan on doing these dailies, this tabard is a MUST! And I am now 30 tokens closer to the Argent Warhorse. The new dailies include 2 from the Argent folks and 3 from the Sunreavers. (the Sunreaver tabard is HOT! I'll be going for that after the horse!) The dailies usually rotate each day, so there are more available than there are given. One of the Sunreavers(the Alliance version is Silver Covenant-not sure if they get the same dailies each day or not) dailies will involve doing something for the new dungeon mobs-gather followers at K3 for one or hunt Jormunger eggs to feed another. They take you to Storm Peaks, and while I'm there I can knock out the Blue Lady daily in fervent hopes of getting a cute polar bear mount. When done, I use the Argent tabard to teleport back and I'm done! Oh and the old Argent quest to kill 15 Scourge is changed to one that has you kill the same mobs you need to kill for one of the Sunreavers quests-works out quite nice!
All in all I do love this patch. It's only the massive over-camping of the rare spawns by money grubbers that is ticking me off. I really don't think my luck is going to be on my side for quite some time in this one. My luck sucks anyway, so it certainly isn't going to be any better there.

In the meantime, I've leveled two paladins last week. Both were level 60 when the patch hit. My Dwarf is now almost 64 and my Blood Elf is 65. Yay! So much fun!

Hope the patch was good for you!

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