Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Maintenance-thoughts on Cataclysm

So it's Tuesday and realms are down. I'm more anxious than normal for realms to come up-my Death Knight will be getting his new Ravasaur mount today! But I also feel like crap with a cold that kept me up half the night-so a nap is forthcoming. So yay for maintenance!

I thought I'd take some time to talk about the things that I learned from watching the different fansites regarding Blizzcon's announcement of the new expansion to come, Cataclysm. It's not like it was a HUGE surprise, since much of the information was leaked awhile back. Hearing everything confirmed-and seeing the trailer- was MASSIVE. I don't remember being quite this surprised during the announcements for Burning Crusade and Wrath. Then again, they weren't tearing the world where I've spent so much time in the past 4 years completely asunder.

The overall face of Azeroth changes...

The bad first: I will miss this place. My favorite zone of Azshara is going a complete change to become the 5-15 zone for the new playable race of Goblins. The Barrens will be, well, it just won't be the Barrens anymore. I think I will spend some time taking lots of screenshots as momentos. I mean, if the local park where you spent years playing was being torn down for a Wal-Mart, you'd probably go take pictures, just to help with the memories.

The good: Well, it means a complete overhaul of the leveling process from 1-58. As a certified altoholic, this really seems like it will be almost a whole new game to play! I can't wait to see the new quests and rewards!

New races:
Goblin: yeah, not so interested in them really, even though I am Horde to the core. I have a reserved name for a female Goblin rogue, and that will probably be the only one I ever roll.

Worgen: Oh I know they are going to be EVERYWHERE, but I just have to roll one or three. I am sort of a wolf fan. Not werewolves so much, just wolves. And the darkness of their zone, reminds me of late 1800s London, which is also really right up my alley. Must try Worgen druid, rogue and one other(not sure yet what).

Old race/new class combos:
As mentioned above, I am a certified altoholic. Let's just say it wasn't really easy finding old alts to delete in order to reserve names for my planned new characters and get in under that 50 character limit. Unfortunately my main realm has no character lower than 53(and that's one, the rest are all over 70), so unless they give us at least 1 new slot, all new characters will be on other realms(which just sucks for me, but oh well).
I will be rolling(and have already reserved names for!):

  • Tauren Paladin-oh how could I not? I love Tauren, and I love Paladins!
  • Troll Druid-I have never rolled a Troll(that sounds weird...), but this is the best reason to start! Especially if they get some really excellent looking form art
  • Human hunter-Aw, I love hunters. He may not make it higher than levl 20, but still seems like it will be a fun character to play
  • Dwarf Shaman-I've been wanting to play another Shaman(I have a 72 Tauren shaman), but I just don't want to play Draenei or Trolls and my Orc Shaman hasn't gotten past level 20. I really like playing female Dwarves(have 71 hunter and 70 paladin), so this seems like an excellent combination!
  • Undead Hunter-maybe not myself, but my kid is rolling an Undead hunter and I get the feeling that I will play it more than she does!
Not interested in Gnome or Tauren Priest(just can't seem to play this class for very long), Blood Elf Warrior(I have too many BElves and don't really like Warrior), Orc and Dwarf and Night Elf Mage(I have 2 high level mages, not really interested in more).

New secondary profession:
Archaeology! I am so glad that this is secondary so that everyone can take it without giving up a main profession. I am really STOKED about this one! I can't wait to learn more about it and honestly, at this point, this sounds like something I will spend the MOST amount of my time doing! I'm sure I will talk more about it later, but this one probably has me the most excited!

New guild leveling:
Not really interested in this. My main realm has all of my characters in the same guild-the ones that my family is in. That means there are a total of 27 characters from 3 accounts. There are 7 level 80s-and 4 of them are mine. I'm not sure our guild will ever level up! Not that it matters I guess(although who wouldn't want more money from all kills, c'mon that helps everybody!). And any high levels I have on other realms are unguilded, though I suppose this will sort of force me into joining one just for the heck of it(or be bugged endlessly to join guilds everytime I log in). Oh well.

Everything else:
I haven't even read the info on the new dungeons or raids or pvp-I just don't do those things so they don't really affect me. Although the news that the new daily hub will be in a PvP zone(even on PvE realms) REALLY ticks me off. At least I will have alts to level rather than having to worry about dailies.

More detailed info about each point will be coming as soon as I learn more about them! To sum it up though-I am VERY excited about the news!

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