Sunday, August 23, 2009

I love my daughter :)

I couldn't believe it. I have spent so many hours fishing the Highland pools of Terrokar, thousands of crawdads caught. And no Mr Pinchy.

A few weeks ago, my kid says "hey I think I'm gonna try to fish up Mr Pinchy"-pretty much the first time she has ever bothered trying. Five minutes later..."I got him!!" Let's just say I was a little peeved.

So what does she do? Over the next week, when I go to fix dinner or watch the afternoon news, she sneaks onto my druid and goes fishing. And I'll be a monkey's uncle if she didn't catch the blasted thing! And got the Magical Crawdad pet on the first wish!(so did she on hers) This is my druid with her new little Magical Crawdad, thanks to my wonderful daughter!

Note: I've since tried to fish it up with my level 80 human mage(who is in need of pets as well) and have no luck with him. Guess I need to get her to work her magic for me again! :)

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