Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Back from vacation just in time!

Spent a few weeks over in the Smoky Mountains with family. Was nice, but boy did I miss WoW!

What is in Patch 3.2 for a soloer like me? I'll start with things that aren't class-related.

  • Mounts at lower levels and prices! Ode to Joy! I have at least 6 characters between 40 and 60 that will benefit from this, and many more that I bumped to 20 just in time for them to get their first mount. I also have a few characters that will benefit from the new book available for alts that gives Cold Weather Flying as low as 68.
  • Children's Week!! I'm so stoked about this! Getting a new little minipet(probably the little Oracle for most of my characters) is awesome, they are both so cute. Children's Week, I think, is my favorite in-game holiday. Maybe it is because I am a mom. :)
  • EIGHT new Baby Raptor pets! Buy one easy from Breanni in Dalaran. The rest either come from rare raptor mobs or raptors in instances(I think I will farm the Deviate one from Wailing Caverns first).
  • Ravasaur Trainer in Un'Goro! Finally my Horde characters can get their own unique Raptor mounts! Oh well, I've started the Wintersaber quests with my 80 mage, but I got bored with them halfway through Friendly(hopefully I'll get back to him someday!)
  • Potions stacking to 20! I know it isn't a huge change, but boy is this going to create bag space for some characters and tons of space in my personal guild banks!
  • Epic Gems! Well, yeah, I have no interest in using any of them, but with a 450 Alchemist and 450 Jewelcrafter, I hope to make a little money off of them. I don't have a ton of Titanium saved up, but I've got quite a few blue gems that my alch can transmute(and hope for those transmute procs!)
  • Argent Tournament daily quests and items. While I've only gotten one character, my druid, to Crusader, she's the only one I want all the cool stuff on anyway. Five new dailies for Seals. New mounts and tabards and pets to save for! I think I will get the Argent Tabard(free teleport to Argent grounds!), then the Argent Warhorse, and then work on the other faction tabards. Only need 6 more for the Tabard achievement. Oh and the Sunreaver tabard looks awesome too!
Of course, my main is a druid and I am STOKED to see the new forms! And to match up the right fur color with the kitty color I want. But of course, realms are down at least until 5pm *my time*, so all I can do is wait and anticipate!

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