Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Some luck FINALLY!

Finally...FINALLY!! I still almost can't believe it really happened today! Finally the blue lady gave in and gave me the Polar Bear mount!! I kid you not...this is how it happened:

Blue Lady: Quest today is Back to the Pit
Me: Lovely. At least it isn't Abberations again. Hate that one.
Blue Lady: Just go do it. :/
Me: Fine.
Me runs off to fight bears. For some reason I was really getting ganged-up on by lots of bears. Had to jump off twice to heal myself!

Me, finish quest. Rather than jumping off bear and flying back to Blue Lady, I rode bear over to her. I stood there. I said...
Me: LOOK!! Look how cool I look on this cool Polar Bear! This bear LOOOOOOVES me! You really, REALLY need to give me this bear to ride. Seriously.
Blue Lady: Just shutup and turn the quest in and open the bag already.
Me: (opens bag) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Smoochies, Blue Lady! Sorry about throwing all those snowballs at you before! :D

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Nepenthe said...

Hey, this just happened to me too, hehe. It’s such a cool bear mount :).