Thursday, May 28, 2009

I've never...

I thought it might be fun to make a post stating things that I've never done in World of Warcraft. I'm always talking about the things I do, this post is about the things I have never done.

  • Stepped foot into Molten Core or Zul'Gurub and I don't even know where Blackwing Lair is
  • Done Scholo or Strat with an appropriate level group
  • Been in a raid instance, ever, anywhere(that one in WG I did once, but I wouldn't count that-and I'll never go back)
  • Raided an opposing factions city
  • Completed any Northrend instance
  • Gotten the title "Jenkins" on any character-I don't even know where the place is that you can get it
  • Been equipped in all epic gear
  • Won the fishing contest-though I have certainly tried
  • Killed an opposing factions NPC, anywhere(BGs do not count)
  • Gotten a single Honorable Kill with my hunter, Wyl. Level 80 with 0 HKs
  • Advertised anything in /trade chat
  • Made any friends in game-oh sure I add people to my friends list every now and then, but they never speak to me again usually after that day so I just delete them later
  • Killed Onyxia
  • Fished up Mr Pinchy-thousands of lobsters later. Grrrrr
  • Joined the Looking For Group thing, I don't even know how it works
  • Been in any heroic dungeon, Outland or Northrend, not even stepped foot in one
  • Leveled past 33 on a PvP server-I just don't get the fun there
  • Been in a guild with more than about 10 people in it(my old PvP character is in a huge guild, but since I haven't logged in with him since about last November[and don't plan ever to again] I wouldn't really count him)

If I think of any more I will add them later.

Pathetic huh, why am I even bothering. :(


Sad said...

I just found your blog and had to comment :-)
Having been in end-game raids and all epiced I must tell you...I AM SICK of it lol.The gear you really want nevers drops anyway and the drama....
So I'm going back to what I too did for the first 60 levels...solo with my hubby and the Deathknights help.
So you stick with it,have fun and know you are far from alone!!!!!
Best of luck to you, Sad

Darth Solo said...

Most dungeons are worth doing at least once but you can always come to them later and solo them. Sometimes I'm amazed that we could run those dungeons at 60