Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Little Fawn pet

On May 1, I got the last 2 pets I needed for the 75 pet achievement. The Mulgore Hatchling from the Argent Tournament was #73. The third Outland pet from Children's Week was #74. And then my hunter got the Durotar Scorpion with his Champion's Seals and sent it over to Kick for #75.

The fawn is very cute, and I do run around with the little guy out a lot, ya know just to say "hey I'm weird and I have a LOT of minipets!". I love the Mulgore Hatchling though. It is so cute and I love his running around.

I'm only a few tokens from 40 again, but I promised my daughter I would buy her a pet with my next purchase. She is at 69 pets with her mage. And in a few days, my druid will be known as Crusader Kickingbird(I'm behind a few days thanks to broken computers and a broken arm-my daughters-and laziness!).

Oh, and my rogue, Rayak, is 6 seals from getting his first AT pet-which will be #75 for him!

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