Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mounts at 20?!?!

Holy cow! In the next patch, there will be some big mount changes. Namely: regular mounts at level 20, epic mounts at level 40(!), flying mounts at level 60-and being increased from 60% speed to 150% speed. Holy Guacamole! Epic flying will still be 5k gold, but at least you can get some sort of faction discount on it now. All other prices are changed accordingly(level 20 mount for 4g riding, 1g mount! What?!).

WoW. Just wow.

What that means for an altoholic? Well, it means I have I don't even know how many level 20-29 alts around that will be running to get a mount(even though I don't play them much, maybe I will now!). I have at least 4, almost 5, characters that are 40+ that will be looking at getting epics when the patch hits. But I wonder about Paladin mounts. You obviously can't do the epic quest at level 40! Will we get our Chargers free if we pay for riding? Or do we have to wait until level 61 like now? That means getting my Blood Elf to exalted with Undercity or Orgrimmar as quickly as possible(I refuse to ride that chicken). My Dwarf wouldn't have a problem riding the ram, but I'm close to exalted with Stormwind, so that won't matter soon.

WoW. Just wow. What a change! New druid forms and lower mount levels...BRING ME PATCH 3.2!!

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