Thursday, May 14, 2009

Crusader Kickingbird

I was kind of hoping all 5 achievements would show up at the same time-blotting out my character! No dice, just got the 2 showing. But you can see all 5 listed to the left. Just managed another 40 Seals, will be buying a pet for my kid's character when she gets home from school!

Rayak-still 4 Seals from his first pet and stuck on his 3rd Valiant. Haven't played him much, was waiting for hubby and kid's characters to trio with and they haven't really been into it.

Wyl-Almost done with his 4th Valiant, only Thunder Bluff left after this. His first 40 Seals bought a pet for Kickingbird. He has 6 now, will be buying the Staff of Feral Furies for him when he gets to 25(which could be a week, could be longer, I'm kinda burned out on these dailies!)

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