Thursday, July 10, 2008

This week sucked

Ok, so yeah I got my 6th character to level 70, Daneck to level 65 and our Dwarf Hunters to level 60 and finally bought our epic mounts(Swift Mistsaber ftw). But now it sucks. The only person I considered a friend has run out on us. He kept backing out of trips to come over for all day LAN parties(basically) with WoW, twice in the last couple of weeks. And then he goes to visit his brother and decides while he is there to quit our guild and join this big one so he can raid. Fine.

First of all, he hiked a buttload of Primals right last week. Don't know what for. *I* am the one who spends all day farming 99% of those damn things. Yeah he is in full epics from pvping(which I KNOW he doesn't actually do most of the time, his kid or other friends log in and play his character). So fine, wanna hang out with other FULL PURPLED people, FINE. What gets me is they won't have anything to do with any of my characters because me gear is crappy. Wouldn't a friend HELP a friend get better gear if they wanted to play with them more????? So apparently nobody WANTS to play with me because I SUCK. Fine. I figured as much. This just PROVES it. I'll just go back to my soloing.

Another reason to HATE this game. You find out who your friends are. :(

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