Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Patch Day

Woohoo! Mounts at level 30! My level 30 Gnome rogue will be riding his Spotted kitty. I also have 3 other level 30ish: Geocacher, druid, will definitely get his cat; the other two I can't decide if they will get deleted at some time and I would hate to waste the money on it if they are. Level 34? hunter-may delete and start a Troll Priest. Maybe. Level 30ish Orc warrior may be deleted for the Death Knight-well someone has to go. Sigh.

And new outfits for bank alts, cool. Netherwing pet, only for my druid who is the only one I managed to get to exalted with Skyguard. Green gems back in mining, yeah!

Not much else of excitement except the new clock system. But yeah, patch day!

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