Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A few more bars to go

Wyl is ready for 70 with only three bars to fill. Got to honored with Lower City and Shatar yesterday(also got to honored with Aldor in the process). Have four parts of the blue pvp set(not that I will pvp with it). Just need a few more gems to fill the slots. And then decide if I want the Felstalker Armor-which I think I might, though I do like the Breastplate of Rapid Striking that I have. Then I get hubby to enchant everything and start him on the Shattered Sun dailies. There isn't much there for hunters, but the head enchant at revered is nice. The one from Cenarion would be nicer, but they aren't as easy to get to revered with. Oh and need Enchanted Felscale Boots. Then he will need a blue ring and the trinket from the hfp quest(*still* haven't done, hehe) and he will be in all blue! Woot!

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