Thursday, July 03, 2008

Six Seventies....

Yes, Tuesday after maintenance, I logged in with Wyl and within an hour or so he was level 70. Put on all the Stalker's gear(yeah, I know it ain't meant for pve, but it's better than what I had on and I'm pretty much only soloing with him, so I'm not hurting anyone or trying to top the DPS charts in some mega-guild. So who cares-it looks cool!), bought my flying mount.

And then headed off to start the Shattered Sun dailies. And here it is, three days later(Tues, Wed, Thur) and I am into honored with them. Looking forward to the crossbow at revered and necklace at exalted. Shouldn't take too long as long as I keep at it. And I've pretty much already made back what I spent on my flying mount. Sweet.

Now to get Daneck to 70. He is at 64 and 1/3.


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