Friday, October 31, 2014

Turning Off the New Models

  Egads, thank goodness for masks that cover the face. And my "Defias Mage" wears the Outlander's Facewrap to cover this yap. Even so, I had to turn new models off. I really hate that I did though because this is the big thing for the expansion. Everyone wants new models and when they FINALLY get them everybody says "ewwwww!" I wouldn't want to be a game designer. Can't please everyone.

  But perhaps the real reason is because I am apparently playing World of Warcraft on a potato. The log in page always says "your device is out of date, blah blah blah". I go to device driver in computer thingee and hit "update driver" and voila, it says "your device is up to date!". Except WoW continues to tell me it is out of date. So apparently the video driver is so God awful that it just isn't good enough anymore. My fps is never over 25, and I'm pretty sure that's not good. And that is with all settings as low as I can figure out how to set them.

  I mean I can still play just fine. I'm not seeing weird glitches and the lag is only really bad when I try to watch youtube videos and run through one of the shrines at the same time. So I guess I can just keep on keeping on? I am so clueless when it comes to the "innards" of computers, the whole thing you see on the forums when people print out a massive length of gibberish and someone else goes "well there's your problem!" Wha? If I needed a new video card I would have no way of knowing WHAT to get(or if I can afford it) and how to place it inside the innards of this here magic box thing.

  So you see the exasperation on my mage's face? Yeah, not too different to mine right now.

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