Wednesday, October 15, 2014

First Impressions are Everything

Gonna talk about the first *barely* 24 hours of the patch. Disappointed in some things, very happy about others.

  • New Character Models-I wasn't real thrilled with them, I knew that pretty much going in. And though my computer handled beta just fine, I had massive lag during the first bit of logging in so I turned new models off. Maybe the lag was just server stress, or it could be me, but I like my old models for now.
  • Class Changes-I haven't played all 11 classes yet, and there are good and bad for the ones I have played. Druid:hate hate hate the travel form change, hate it. Really can't say that enough. And my glyph that made stealth faster is gone. Boo. Mage: So squishy, so so squishy, ugh. Rogue, Paladin, Death Knight: so far so good.  Haven't played the other classes yet.
  • Guild Levels Gone-Haven't really noticed. Is anything missing? Not sure yet.
  • Blasted Lands Quests- Fairly easy. I was only going to do once, because all is account wide. However I think they hotfixed in some gear rewards so a ring, necklace, cape and trinket that are for the most part better than all my characters are wearing(Ilvl 515), yeah, I'll take those. They only take about 20 minutes, plus the chance at finding a Bronze Whelpling pet(none yet). And the Iron Starlette pet comes in different breeds(if you know anything about pet battles), AND they are cage-able, which means after the quests are gone I will have 40 EXTRA to sell!
  • Stat Squish-Barely noticeable, really. That whole "lower level dungeons/raid will be a cakewalk" thing, so far for me, is AWESOME! I've only gone to Zul'Gurub to farm those two mounts, but what was taking me and the kid a real effort to kill those bosses, I can now kill alone in about 5 seconds! Incredible! Black Temple, you are next!
  • Toy Box- This is excellent of course, I think I'm over 80some toys right now, still trying to find them all(so many alts!). I see much typing of DELETE in my future when I really get to cleaning out bags. 
  • Reagent Bank-helpful some now, but holy cow it will come in handy when Warlords hits. 
  • Void Storage extra page-Not gonna lie, this has really come in handy for a couple of my characters! So much room!

 I haven't looked at the auction house, and so many add-ons are borked that it's going to take me awhile to adjust. And of course there are bugs and crashes. Not to mention BEING LIED TO ABOUT BEING ABLE TO FIGHT ORDOS WITHOUT A CLOAK. Whatever, I hear even the elite cloakies can't beat him right now. Nope, I don't NEED raid gear if I don't raid, but there is MORE in the world than raiding, like those War bosses that drop the mounts, the dinos that drop Primal Eggs-it would be nice to have better gear to fight those without having to raid. Celestials was a nice addition that I did for awhile, and got a few things, but whatever, I won't complain anymore about that(or try not to anyway).

Overall Grade so far: C+

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