Friday, October 03, 2014

Holy Crap, I'm Back!

   HEY! HI!! Yes, it's been over a year since my last post. I could say that I lost my password or make up some other excuse. There are many reasons I haven't written in so long. One is that I've been too focused on playing World of Warcraft. Yeah, I have 43 level 90s. Yes you read that right, FORTY-THREE. And another at 86 that I want to get to 90 before patch 6.0 comes out. It seems like all I ever do is play WoW. I also wasn't sure anyone really cared about this blog. There don't seem to be too many 100% soloers out there anymore, especially with LFR and whatnot. I'm still nearly 100%. I don't really count grouping with my kiddo or hubby as "grouping" since they are sitting right beside me-they count as "me", just "more me". Does that make sense?

  Getting ready for Warlords of Draenor. The more I read, the more I hate, to be honest. I think garrisons are going to take up so much time that I won't have enough time to level alts. I also do not like that it seems so many of the perks from the different buildings require drops from dungeons. I'll never get the "inn" complete, because that is basically for dungeon dailies and requires them all being done to upgrade to level 3. Not ever going to happen for me. And that goes for all the mounts and pets that come from those quests. I won't be getting them. But I will deal with that.

  I've been on beta, leveled to 98 through many changes. I HATE the change to Druid travel form. I want to be my little cheetah whenever I want, not when they decide I can be a cheetah. I am not going to have fun with my Druids anymore, I can already feel it. The rest of the classes-and I do have at least 2 of every class at 90, one each on Horde and Alliance-have changed, but I haven't really tried them out too much on beta. The like/hate for them remains to be seen.

  Another thing pushing me farther into my shell...Twitter. I joined and found lots of other WoW players. But it seems like anywhere else you go, there are cliques. I was hoping Twitter would be the place I could go and ask any question and get some sort of answer if I couldn't find the answer elsewhere. But I get nothing but crickets. Maybe I'm not asking right. Maybe people follow me out of pity and then immediately put me on mute. I'm not really sure the answer to THAT question either. Ask a simple question "what should I do with extra justice points before they go away? Convert to honor or just wait for the money conversion?" Crickets. Yeah maybe I thought I might find some sort of friend by blogging or using Twitter, someone out there who has a similar interest to mine, but I am thinking I am the only lonely old woman who has nothing else but her cats and WoW to keep her company and nobody wants to be friends with someone like THAT.

  So back into my hole I will crawl. Well, not completely. I figured out my password, and the new expansion is coming. And there are solo things to talk about. Even if nobody cares what the shut-in has to say, I'm gonna say it.

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Joar said...

Glad to see you're still at it! Forty-three is an absolutely unbelievable feat!

Feel free to follow me on Twitter @joargarrosh and I'll follow you back (as long as I can figure out it's you!)

If you haven't already seen it, check out for some good garrison information. Definitely doesn't seem mandatory if you just want to do some leveling, and I think the buildings that you'll want to help with leveling, you'll be able to get in solo fashion.