Thursday, October 09, 2014

Solo Mount Farming While Waiting for 6.0

    One of the things I've been doing for the last however many months, in addition to leveling alts, is to farm mounts. At this moment, as I write this, I am at 198 mounts. Most are from reputations or grinds such as the Argent Tournament. Some require incredible luck out in the world(such as the Time Lost Proto Drake or Aeonaxx, neither of which I have).But I like the kind you farm on your own inside a dungeon or raid, without anyone else to compete against.

  I'm going to list all the ones that drop in those instances or raids, and whether or not I actually farm them(and how easy they are at lvl 90)

Vanilla Instance Mounts

  • Deathcharger Reins-Rivendare in Stratholme(lvl 51): easy though time consuming. I finally got this one after instance timers went up to 10 per hour and I could run more often. 
  • Resonating Crystals(4 colors)-trash in Temple of Ahn'Qiraj(lvl 60): easy, and if you kill all the trash just before the first boss, you will probably have 3 of them in the first few runs. The red one takes longer because it's a much rarer drop.
Burning Crusade Instance Mounts

  • Raven Lord-Anzu in heroic Sethekk Halls(lvl 70): easy, but it is only one run per day, so having many alts helps here. 
  • White Hawkstrider-Kael'thas in heroic Magisters' Terrace(lvl70): easy, but again, heroic, so many alts help here
  • Fiery Warhorse-Attumen in Karazhan, raid(lvl70): easy, boss is at very front of raid, but once per week, alts are the key
  • Ashes of Al'ar-Kael'thas in Tempest Keep, raid(lvl70): middle. Time consuming since you have to kill other bosses first, and KT adds are so annoying with stuns. I don't have this one and I rarely attempt it because it's so annoying.
Wrath of the Lich King Instance Mounts

  • Blue Proto Drake-Skadi in heroic Utgarde Pinnacle(lvl 80): easy, second boss in instance-but you can skip the first one; heroic means once per day, alts mean many more attempts.
  • Bronze Drake-Infinite Corrupter in heroic Culling of Stratholme(lvl 80): easy but time consuming, waiting for Arthas. This is 100% drop if you get to certain part of dungeon in a certain amount of time.
  • Grand Black War Mammoth-4 bosses in raid Vault of Archavon(lvl 80): middle. I could typically fight 2 or 3 of the bosses depending on character. The main issue here is your faction must control Wintergrasp to do the raid. I'm not much of a pvper, and it seemed like my faction rarely has WG. Finally got this one to drop this very morning!!
  • Azure Drake-Malygos in raid Eye of Eternity(10 or 25man)(lvl 80): easy. Once I figured out the right tactic, it seemed really easy. 
  • Blue Drake-Malygos in raid Eye of Eternity(10 or 25man)(lvl 80): easy, same as Azure. I got both mounts in one attempt each by two different alts. Not sure if it's a high drop rate or I got really lucky!
  • Black Drake-Sartharion in Obsidium Sanctum(10 man)(lvl 80): tough. It is a guaranteed drop if you kill Sartharion while leaving the three other main drakes alive. Didn't actually solo, duo'd with my kiddo.
  • Twilight Drake-Sartharium in Obsidium Sanctum(25 man)(lvl 80): tough. Another guaranteed drop with the 3 drakes up, finally trio'd TODAY with kiddo and hubby
  • Onyxian Drake-Onyxia in Onyxia's Lair raid(lvl 80): middle. Depends on the character, some classes were much easier than others. I was able to solo with about 15 or my characters a week; finally dropped for one of my Rogue's.
  • Mimiron's Head and Invincible-both are 25man lvl 80 raids, and I've yet to even set foot in them to attempt.
Cataclysm Instance Mounts
  • Drake of the North Wind-Altairus in Vortex Pinnacle(lvl 84): easy with rogue. Second boss in, on normal with Combat Rogue, these are really easy. Tip: if you don't get the drop you can jump off side and be teleported back to entrance, step out, reset and repeat. 
  • Vitreous Stone Drake-Slabhide in Stonecore(lvl 84): easy with rogue, same as above. Also with quick portal back to front. 
  • Zulian Panther and Razzashi Raptor-bosses in heroic Zul'Gurub(lvl 85): tough. I can't solo them, but I have started to duo them with my kiddo and out stealthy characters on the weekends. No luck here yet.
  • Pretty much every other mount from level 85 raids and anything else, I don't even bother with

  As I mentioned above, I'm currently at 198 mounts, with a Primal Egg due to hatch in 2 days. I finally figured out that I can farm the small dinosaurs on Isle of Giants with my hunter *and* the bones they drop are becoming non-bound with patch 6.0 so I can send the ones I gather with my hunter to my main druid who already had a large stack going.  I will have another post with the other sort of mounts that can be farmed while solo such as those that come from the Primal Egg.

Thanks for reading!

Updated to add:  Thanks to Joar for reminding me about the mount you get when you complete Zul'Aman in a certain time. Will need to read up on that and *hopefully* after tomorrow it will be much easier to complete!
Also, my Primal Egg turned into a green raptor-which I already had!! Nooooo!
And thanks to help from kiddo and hubby, we managed the hardest of the achievements for the Northrend Heroic Dungeon and added the Red Proto Drake to my mounts. Now I am stuck at 199!

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Joar said...

One other one to add to your list is you can also solo the speed run for the Amani Bear mount in Zul'Aman. It's also a bit more challenging, like the ZG stuff, but it can definitely be done.