Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Playing Lord of the Rings today...

Because of extra long maintenance again. Not that I care. My rogue turned 76 last night. One of my Death Knights is 68. My druid is bored and doesn't want to do anything except for the cooking daily. What difference does it make? She doesn't do instances or pvp so I don't really need better gear, do I? No of course not, I mean that is what all the 'raiders' and 'pvpers' say anyway-losers like me don't deserve good gear because we don't do anything with it. Fine, so I will just sit in Dalaran and look like a loser while running around doing my cooking daily because I don't get better gear so NOONE wants anything to do with me. Thanks for making me not want to play this game at all. It's a vicious circle(and not just because that is the name of my human mage's guild). Can't get better gear because I have crap gear, but can't get better gear because I can't GET BETTER GEAR! WHAT??!!?? And I will not lower myself to pvp or arena just to have purples. I hate it and it won't happen. Man I hate this game.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Just messing around with something

I want to see if this updates at any point. I have tried adding it to the top but for some reason it won't accept the web address for the picture, so I have to save it. But then it doesn't update, soo...I'm just trying it here. Just to see. (because the one up there, Rayak, is now level 75-that is a saved version from when I was 70, joy).

edit...well, I tried to link my armory to it, but apparently I can only link to the sight that gives the signature picture. So I will try to log out in bear form later and see if it updates.

edited to remove the picture and link because it either doesn't update or I'm just not seeing it. Oh well, who really gives a flip.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Bored? Maybe, maybe not

Tuesday, maintenance. But wait, NO, not today! Hooray! Only rolling restarts. Which means I log in with my rogue and get him situated to grab the last 2 books for the Kirin Tor achievement/minipet. Except when the realm says it is up, all I get is "Logging in to game server". For an hour. Urgh.

Finally I log in on Draenor with my Death Knight. I get his skinning from 253 to 320 in Feralas and Winterspring on yetis. Then head to Zangarmarsh to finish off quests there. Then to Terrokar for a few more. Get to a few bars from 65. Almost ready for Nagrand.

And then I get bored and attempt to get back on Kael'Thas. Yep, it is actually up now. Who knows how long, really. I don't even bother with my rogue looking for the books. I take Kick to Stormpeaks for the dailies there. Blue chicks-more snowballs and cheese. woot. And then Sons of Hodir. Found an extra ice crystal thing today and am at 10200/12k. Maybe tomorrow, most likely Thursday, I will have my Wooly Mammoth mount. And then I won't go near there for quite awhile. I'd still like a Polar Bear mount from the Blue Chicks, but with my luck it ain't gonna happen. I will be happy with the Mammoth that I can flat out buy. Not that I use my mounts that often. If I am somewhere flyable, I am in bird form, and around Dalaran I prefer cheetah because the streets are busy enough as it is.

So then I rambled on up to Icecrown, where I hadn't even gone yet except to explore. Got started on a few of the Knights of the Ebon Blade quests, just enough to get friendly and open up the quartermaster so I could buy a tabard. It's dark, it looks cool. Look forward to getting my Death Knights there(yeah, sometime in the year 2010>.<). Then hopped over to do the first few for Argent Crusade, enough to get a blue trinket which frankly sucks for a feral druid as far as I can tell.

And then I got bored and logged out. And don't really know who to log in with now. Finish more quests with my druid, make lots of money, farm mats for all of the other characters? Or get another character leveled up? And if so, which one? My Blood Elf hunter or my Human mage or my Death Knight?

Bored. Hmmmm. Work on my website? Maybe...

Thursday, December 04, 2008

More achievements...

See that blue up there? That is the Giant Sewer Rat! I finally fished him up! That also nabs an achievement! It also puts my druid at 61 mini pets. And yes, I was transformed into a cockroach at the time-I was just being disgusted at having eaten a Magicfish and turned into this, and BOOM blue catch and the pop-up box! I was not bummed about being a roach anymore. :)

But it was only the last of 9 achievements I managed to grab today.

In order that I got them...

1. To All the Squirrels I've Loved Before -I still needed ewe, sheep, cat, cow, fawn, gazelle, ram; so I went through the portal to Shat, got ewe, went through portal to Silvermoon and got cat; took transporter to Undercity, flew to Arathi, rode to Wetlands tunnels, got ram; rode to Badlands, flew to Grom'gal, rode north(did some other things here, shown later), got cow, sheep and fawn in Elwynn Forest. Later I went to Orgrimmar, flew to Crossroads and found a gazelle to finish the achievement.

2. Deadmines -while in Westfall, I stopped and stealthed quickly through Deadmines to kill Van Cleef and get this one.

3. Fishing Diplomat -had already fished in Orgrimmar many times, so now I needed Stormwind. After Deadmines and loving some animals in Elwynn, I swam up the coast to the Stormwind Harbor; as soon as I hit the zone, I popped a water walking potion and fished up one fish to get this achievement

4. Stormwind Stockade -since I was already here, I though what the heck. So I stealthed on up the harbor and into Stormwind. The only Alliance I saw was a Night Elf rogue(level 70+, I didn't check), on a War Ram(zoiks!) in some sort of Arena gear. He ran past me and obviously caught the stealth sound-YIKES! I quickly jumped into the water, still stealthed(and wearing my Kalu'ak fishing pole-underwater breathing ftw!), and LUCKILY he moved on! Whew! I then made it all the way to the Stockades with no trouble and went in and smacked down this Bazil dude!

5. Scavenger -I still needed the floating wreckage, so after hearthing out of Stockades, I went through the portal to Orgrimmar and flew up to Aszhara. Found a pool I needed right away, fished up one box, got that and headed on.

6. Critter Gitter -It was actually after the Scavenger that I went to Crossroads and loved the gazelle. Then I went back to Org and caught the zeppelin to Borean Tundra. Flew over to one of the nearby icebergs, found a huge group of penguins, and started throwing my Critter Bites to them until I had 10 quickly and got that achievement!

Since my hearthstone was still on cooldown, I took this time to log in to my rogue and gather a few things. I needed Mageroyal and Small Eggs for the Chocolate Cake, and one Zangarian Sporefish. So I went around to get those, mailed them and logged back into Kick, whose hearthstone was now up.

7. Outland Gourmet and the Cake Is Not A Lie -After hearthing to Dalaran, I grabbed the mats from the mailbox, cooked up the Blackened Sporefish(one of last 2 needed), and then ending with the Delicious Chocolate Cake which gave me both achievements at the same time!

Once I was done with all that, I was tired. So I thought I'd fish. Spent five minutes at the coin pool only to get goldfish on every cast. Bah. So I ran down to the sewers for the last 5 minutes on that lure. Started eating the magic fish I was catching, just for the heck of it. Started up a second lure after 5 minutes, ate more magic fish, turned into a roach and just then there was my Giant Sewer Rat!

What a day!

I also did some dailies this morning...

I am honored 9600/12k with Oracles. I love these guys so much, they are so sweet and cute! They tell me how strong I am and how I protect them. And their dailies are not annoying at all, they are actually pretty easy and fun.

Sons of Hodir on the other hand...I hate their dailies, but I am at around 3k/12k and I'd really like that Mammoth at revered. I won't be going higher than that any time soon though.

And those blue chicks with no affiliation-I hate their quests too, but I want that damn polar bear mount! As soon as I get it they can kiss me goodbye.

I've stopped doing the 2 Wyrmrest and Troll Patrol for Argent Crusade, frankly because I don't have the patience lately and I cannot stand that damn alchemist quest for AC. I don't really care if I get rep with them anyway. I am slowly but surely working on Kirin Tor the only way I can, from the daily cooking quest. I like that one at least.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Ding 80...so what

So what now? Yeah, my Druid turned 80 last Wednesday. And I've been doing dailies for rep and money...
Argent Crusade...loads more quests in Icecrown that I have not even touched

Kirin Tor...well I get 250 per day from the cooking quest-the staff at revered may be mine in a few months

Wyrmrest...2 dailies, 500 rep, so yeah, I might have that dragon mount in about 6 months

Oracles...finally managed to get a group for this and to start their dailies-at least this is easy and I only need revered to be able to sit and wait each week for the egg to hatch and hope I get something good(though with my druid's luck, not likely)

Yeah, they have this thing called "Championing" now-put on a tabard and do a level 80 dungeon and you get whatever rep you want. Only I don't do dungeons because I suck, so all the other 80s are running around in epics already(yeah, the game has been out, what 2 weeks?) and are exalted with all of the factions already and I sit in Dalaran and fish-and I even suck at that.

So I log in and play other characters. Yeah, my hunter is 71.5; my human mage is 71; my rogue is 2 bars from 73; my Undead mage is 70.5ish; and 2 Death Knights at 61 and 62. But I am tired. And I don't feel like playing. But I just can't stop. :(