Thursday, December 04, 2008

More achievements...

See that blue up there? That is the Giant Sewer Rat! I finally fished him up! That also nabs an achievement! It also puts my druid at 61 mini pets. And yes, I was transformed into a cockroach at the time-I was just being disgusted at having eaten a Magicfish and turned into this, and BOOM blue catch and the pop-up box! I was not bummed about being a roach anymore. :)

But it was only the last of 9 achievements I managed to grab today.

In order that I got them...

1. To All the Squirrels I've Loved Before -I still needed ewe, sheep, cat, cow, fawn, gazelle, ram; so I went through the portal to Shat, got ewe, went through portal to Silvermoon and got cat; took transporter to Undercity, flew to Arathi, rode to Wetlands tunnels, got ram; rode to Badlands, flew to Grom'gal, rode north(did some other things here, shown later), got cow, sheep and fawn in Elwynn Forest. Later I went to Orgrimmar, flew to Crossroads and found a gazelle to finish the achievement.

2. Deadmines -while in Westfall, I stopped and stealthed quickly through Deadmines to kill Van Cleef and get this one.

3. Fishing Diplomat -had already fished in Orgrimmar many times, so now I needed Stormwind. After Deadmines and loving some animals in Elwynn, I swam up the coast to the Stormwind Harbor; as soon as I hit the zone, I popped a water walking potion and fished up one fish to get this achievement

4. Stormwind Stockade -since I was already here, I though what the heck. So I stealthed on up the harbor and into Stormwind. The only Alliance I saw was a Night Elf rogue(level 70+, I didn't check), on a War Ram(zoiks!) in some sort of Arena gear. He ran past me and obviously caught the stealth sound-YIKES! I quickly jumped into the water, still stealthed(and wearing my Kalu'ak fishing pole-underwater breathing ftw!), and LUCKILY he moved on! Whew! I then made it all the way to the Stockades with no trouble and went in and smacked down this Bazil dude!

5. Scavenger -I still needed the floating wreckage, so after hearthing out of Stockades, I went through the portal to Orgrimmar and flew up to Aszhara. Found a pool I needed right away, fished up one box, got that and headed on.

6. Critter Gitter -It was actually after the Scavenger that I went to Crossroads and loved the gazelle. Then I went back to Org and caught the zeppelin to Borean Tundra. Flew over to one of the nearby icebergs, found a huge group of penguins, and started throwing my Critter Bites to them until I had 10 quickly and got that achievement!

Since my hearthstone was still on cooldown, I took this time to log in to my rogue and gather a few things. I needed Mageroyal and Small Eggs for the Chocolate Cake, and one Zangarian Sporefish. So I went around to get those, mailed them and logged back into Kick, whose hearthstone was now up.

7. Outland Gourmet and the Cake Is Not A Lie -After hearthing to Dalaran, I grabbed the mats from the mailbox, cooked up the Blackened Sporefish(one of last 2 needed), and then ending with the Delicious Chocolate Cake which gave me both achievements at the same time!

Once I was done with all that, I was tired. So I thought I'd fish. Spent five minutes at the coin pool only to get goldfish on every cast. Bah. So I ran down to the sewers for the last 5 minutes on that lure. Started eating the magic fish I was catching, just for the heck of it. Started up a second lure after 5 minutes, ate more magic fish, turned into a roach and just then there was my Giant Sewer Rat!

What a day!

I also did some dailies this morning...

I am honored 9600/12k with Oracles. I love these guys so much, they are so sweet and cute! They tell me how strong I am and how I protect them. And their dailies are not annoying at all, they are actually pretty easy and fun.

Sons of Hodir on the other hand...I hate their dailies, but I am at around 3k/12k and I'd really like that Mammoth at revered. I won't be going higher than that any time soon though.

And those blue chicks with no affiliation-I hate their quests too, but I want that damn polar bear mount! As soon as I get it they can kiss me goodbye.

I've stopped doing the 2 Wyrmrest and Troll Patrol for Argent Crusade, frankly because I don't have the patience lately and I cannot stand that damn alchemist quest for AC. I don't really care if I get rep with them anyway. I am slowly but surely working on Kirin Tor the only way I can, from the daily cooking quest. I like that one at least.

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